Burberry is extremly well known for their iconic plaid pattern. Its a lovely design that’s been applied to bags, coats, and umbrellas, so why not your nails? I’ve done the Burberry pattern on my nails before but I though I’d put a twist on it this time. Usually I paint the lines directly onto my nails, with a lot of practice and patience I can say that I’m ambidextrious when it comes to nail art. But this time around, inspired by nail art stickers I thought, why not make nail art decals and apply it to the nails? Its an easy way to create your own nail strips and no worries if you mess up, just paint another!





Read more for instructions:

First make nail art strips by taking a plastic material of sorts (you want to make sure you can peel the polish off this later) paint designs onto the plastic and cover with a thick layer of clear nail polish. Let this dry completely. If its not fully dry, it wont peel off of the plastic and your design will just become a mess.

Second, remove the nail art strip and paint a clear coat onto the nail you wish to apply the strip.

Apply the strip starting near the base of your nail and smoothing it out to the tip of the nail. You may need to use a nail file to trim off the excess. Snap off any part of the nail art strip that is hanging off the sides of the nail.

You can stop here, or…..

Apply another clear coat of nail polish on top of your design for long wear. Beware, this may cause some bubbles. To prevent getting bubbles, apply the top coat slowly and thick so that it melts the nail art strip into the clear layer underneath and melds with the new layer you are applying.

Easy-peasy, you now have new cool nails, and you CAN say that you did them yourself!

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