As mentioned earlier, here’s the DIY for the Marc by Marc Jacob Flats which I had contributed to Fashion Parkway, be sure to tweet me a picture @Cheers_Charlie if you guys end up making a pair yourself!

I have simply been lusting after Marc by Marc Jacob mouse flats for years! Marc Jacobs must be doing something right considering that they have been reissued season after season in an array of colours and styles. You have your studded ones, glitter, pony hair, and sling backs. So many options to chose from but my absolute FAVORITE would have to be the studded ones. I love the added edge factor and it reduces the cartoon-ish factor. It’s a chic way to wear animals on your feet!
Total cost: $60 (compared to $200+)


  • A pair of plain black flats (I got mine from Zara)
  • 4 x 9mm conical studs*
  • 28 x 6.5mm conical studs*
  • 26 x 6mm round studs*
  • 18 x 3mm round studs*
  • scrap leather
  • scissors
  • exact-o knife
  • pliers
  • white chalk
  • needle and black thread
  • E6000 adhesive

*I ordered my studs from this store on Etsy

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  1. Mark your flats with white chalk to create a guide for your studs, use a picture of the Marc Jacob flats as reference.
  2. Place your studs through the flats, you may need help with poking holes with an exact-o knife. I used a stud and where ever it left indents, I made small incisions so the prongs could go through the leather. Alternate a round stud with a conical stud as you go around.
  3. Take your pliers and bend the prongs into the material. You want to make sure the prongs are pressed in all the way to prevent irritation to your feet. If you’re still concerned with the prongs scratching your foot, you can add a layer of gross grain ribbon on the inside with some glue.
  4. Cut out a pair of ears of each shoe and sew the ears in place, gluing them is also an option, but I find that sewing is more stable.
  5. Place the large conical studs as the eyes and make sure to bend the prongs through all the way
  6. Take your tiny 3mm studs and bend the prongs until you have a flat surface.
  7. Take your E6000 adhesive and carefully glue your tiny studs to the front of your flats. This will be the nose.
  8. Let the adhesive cure for 24hrs.
  9. Wear them out and just wait for the compliments to fly at you!

Happy DIY-ing!

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  1. Thank you and they took me around a day and a half, but that was with documentation and waiting for the sun to come back (gotta have good lighting for good photos!) I'm sure you can get it done within a day πŸ™‚

    Followed you!

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