My Wardrobe Basics

…Is not this! As much as glitter and sequins are appealing, to me it doesn’t pair up with everything. Read on for my basic basics!
Basically, basics should make up the base of your closet. (See what I did there?)
Everyone always has those wow pieces but when they get home there’s that moment of “What do I wear with it?”. Personally I ask myself that question all the time and then realize I should really buy some basics but it seems like a waste to spend $25 on a plain white tee instead of spending $25 on crazy printed pants. That was before I discovered how great the plain white tee is! I now have a collection of four white tees of different cuts that go with EVERYTHING!

Back to my original point, everyone should have their core basics, this may vary person to person but here’s a look into my personal basics:



  1. The White Tee: Goes with all those wild pieces
  2. Black Leather Jacket: It goes with everything, even your PJs; insta coooooool factor
  3. Dark Skinnies: Don’t know what to wear? Dark skinnies and a plain white tee are always in style.
  4. Leopard Print: in my case, these are my Zara loafers, they just go with everything!
  5. Dark Sunglasses: Shield your eyes and do some people watching without them knowing (total creep factor but at least you’ll be creeping in style 😉 )
  6. Something RED: add a pop of colour and red by default always brightens up a look. Plus red in my book = sexy.
  7. Confidence: sounds cheesy but it you feel good about yourself it’ll show!
This is the very core of my basics collection, as long as I have all these pieces I always feel put together and chic. Of course, even for basics, there are different levels of basics, so maybe one day I’ll share with you my part 2 not so basics but necessary basics 🙂
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