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Have you been on the site Shit Bloggers Wear? It’s spot on, witty and pretty at the same time. The illustrations are fabulous and though it is poking fun of the trend following phenomenon across the fashion blog-o-sphere, I can’t help but want to join in and purchase the items that every blogger out there seems to own. For example, how many times have we seen the Zara skort? Or the Rockstud heels? It’s amazing how quickly an item or clothing piece can become a must have after appearing on one blogger. I’m guilty of having tried on the Zara skort, sadly it didn’t fit and in a way I want to be part of the “Shit Bloggers Wear” club, weird, I know. I think it’s the appeal of being able to own that “one” item that makes you feel like a “fashion blogger”.
Do you or would you own any of these pieces?

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  2. Sadly I don't own any of these items but I wish they were all mine. I already wanted to buy the Zara skort but they were out of my size <3




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