There are bag girls, and then there are shoe girls. I’m definitely a shoe girl through and through considering that’s usually the first section I scope out at any store. Admist the crazy Holt Renfrew sale, I spotted these Miu Miu oxford flats, not something I’d usually go for but the heel was quite intriguing. It looked somewhat ridiculous to be pairing rhinestones and glitter together but what the heck, they could look fantastic on the feet.

Original shoes from here
They looked amazing, super cute and the heel becomes more understated while on, I fell in love. Of course even with the sale tag, the shoes are pretty much out of my and many other peoples spending budget. That doesn’t stop me from lusting for those dancer like shoes that would shine in the sun light one step at a time. Of course my mentality is that if you can’t buy it, make it! Simple enough, you’ll need a pair of old oxford flats, some square rhinestones and navy blue glitter with glue. Happy DIY-ing!
Images from here

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