DIY | Frieda and Nellie Bracelets

It has been quite the break from blogging that I have taken, but I’m back with a new DIY post for you guys. Inspired by bracelets by Frieda and Nellie, this is a perfect refresh for any old friendship bracelets or a great new addition to your arm parties for up coming summer memories. I’ll be sporting mine along with my besties at various music festivals and summer activities this season. What will you pair with your DIY Frieda and Nellie inspired bracelets?


  • friendship bracelets
  • rhinestones, studs, pearls, etc.
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors


1. Lay out a desired pattern of rhinestones


2. Sew on rhinestones in the pattern as chosen before
3. Tie off any loose ends and you’re done!




1. Take any vintage or broken jewelry that can be re-purposed
2. Secure the broken jewelry onto your bracelet by sewing or gluing it on
3. Cut off loose ends and wear away!



You can embellish your bracelets with anything you have on hand, I’ve used studs on another bracelet as shown above.


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