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I like fringe, but a lot of people would probably associate it with the mid-west and the cowboys with those ol’ leather jackets and fringe for dayssssss. Fringe usually reminds me of the fabulous 1920s with those flapper dresses, but that might just be me wishing I could attend a legendary Gatsby party across the river. Allow me to refresh you with its modern reincarnation in stylized pieces that you’ll want to have in your own wardrobe. Word of warning, long fringes, both bangs and actual fringes on garments both look great but are a tangled nightmare. STEER CLEAR!
Fringes are a perfect addition to any music festival look this summer to add a little extra flirty movement. It’ll make those hips look like they’re shaking a lot harder than you actually are to draw all those ogling eyes. Happy hip swinging!

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