DIY | Pineapple Embellished Top

Whew! Summer is passing by wayyy too quickly! I can’t believe its already mid July! It makes me sad that there’s only a month and half left of sun and warmth. But then again its been quite chilly here in Toronto and thanks to certain people I’ve been stuck with a cold the last week. I’m feeling a bit better and realized how much I’ve neglected my blog and nothing better than to come back with a DIY tutorial for you guys. Here is a SUPER simple way to spice up any old tank or shirt in your closet with summer sunshine in the form of pineapples. Enjoy!

What you’ll need:

  • A top (I got mine from Garage, similar here and here)
  • Yellow oval rhinestones (here)
  • Green bungle beads
  • Thread & needle
  • Scissors
  • E6000 Glue
Lay out your rhinestones in a desired pattern for the pineapples. Take some E6000 Glue and glue the rhinestones down once you are happy with their locations. This will help you in the next step when sewing.


Reinforce the glued on rhinestones by sewing them down with matching thread. Since you had already previously glued them, it will keep the spacing even and will eliminate rolling and falling rhinestones as you sew on the leaves of the pineapple.

To sew on the pineapple top, take green bungle beads and sew them flaring out from the top of the oval rhinestones. Repeat until all the oval rhinestones have transformed into pineapples

I finished my shirt in time for Digital Dreams Fest a couple weeks ago. I’ll post a overview of my time there in the next few days, but to say the least it was a BLAST! (Ps. We have no idea who the guy is but he was nice enough to take a picture for and with us!)
Big thanks to Yvonne for the first image! 

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