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Whew! First semester of my final year is officially over! More time for portfolio and fun things like this highly neglected blog for one. Super sorry for the lack of DIY posts guys, it’s just been super hectic! I’ll try to shoot as many as possible over the Christmas break to have things lined up in the new year.

I’ve been searching high and low for my body chain supplies and finally found all of it this morning so what better way to celebrate my first day off in ages than to make a little something special for myself? (I did a post on body chains wayyyyyyy back when here) Delicately chic, it can be worn over or under clothing. I wish I had this over the summer but am looking forward to wearing this for the winter months over sweaters and layered pieces. This body chain DIY took me all of ten minutes to make, most of the time just measuring the desired length of the chain.

What you’ll need:

  • Jump rings*
  • Chain*
  • Clasp*
  • Pliers
*I ordered my supplies from this store on etsy; all 14K gold filled so it doesn’t tarnish as easily 


  1. Measure out three lengths of chain, one  27″, two 16″
  2. Take a jump ring and attach the two ends of the 27″ length and one end of each 16″ chain together. You should be left with a loop and two open ends
  3. The open ends is where the clasp goes for behind your back. Attach with jump rings; in the end it should look like two loops with a jump ring attaching it together, similar to an infinity sign.

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