Time to break out the Christmas decorations! Having moved this year to a new city I don’t have any Christmas decorations on hand so I thought why not whip up something quick and easy with some holiday sparkle.

I spotted these plastic snowflakes at the Dollarama the other day and was surprised at their quality, obviously this meant I had to get them. Once at home I was humming and ha-ing over what to do with them and my boyfriend actually suggested to make a garland out of them! It turned out SUPER pretty and I want to run back to the Dollarama to get more snowflakes! I have this strong urge to cover my whole apartment with this simple yet festive garland (Cost less than $2 to make, looks like you paid wayyyyyyy more)

Who wants one? I’ll make one for you because they are way too pretty to keep just to myself!

Note** not all Dollaramas carry these plastic snowflakes, hopefully you can find something similar at your local craft store!

Supplies: (all from the Dollarama! A one stop shop!)

  • Plastic Snowflakes
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Ruler (helps with spacing)



  1. Take your embroidery thread and make a slip knot to tie onto snowflake
  2. Tie a knot to keep it in place
  3. Measure distance between each snowflake to start a new knot
  4. Repeat until complete

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