There’s no denying it, the 90’s are back; patches, brown matte lipsticks, and of course choker necklaces. I still remember turning corner store machines to get plastic choker necklaces for $1. But with every fashion revival there’s a new take on it that makes it more modern and edgier. Here’s my take on a wrap around choker necklace/bolo tie.


  • suede cord
  • jump rings (2 sizes – 4 small ones that will fit your spike loops and one large one)
  • hardware fixtures that fit to the cord
  • spikes (or other charms)
  • pliers + scissors


  1. Cut two pieces of cord to a desired length that can hang and wrap around your neck. Mine measured at 33″.
  2. Take each cord, fold it in half and loop knot it around the large jump ring; this is the focal point for the choker necklace against your neck.
  3. Make sure the ends are even OR make them uneven (see step 4.)
  4. On each side of the necklace, you’ll have two ends. You can decide to keep the ends even or make different lengths like I did. I cut off 3″ on one of the ends per side to create a more layered look.
  5. Add the hardware fixtures on the end of the cords.
  6. Attach jump rings and spikes.
  7. Wear it!

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