I had originally wanted to post this DIY  3.1 Phillip Lim boots last year but never got around to capturing it so please forgive me if the boots look a bit worn down, I couldn’t resist wearing them. The original boots are no longer available and was exclusively made for men’s, but I think girls could totally rock the twisted rope look. Seeing as I would never be able to afford the real deal and I probably wouldn’t fit into the men’s sizing due to tiny feet I did what I do best, and made it myself! This is probably the first time my knot tying skills from those good old Girl Guide days have finally become useful once more!

Original Boots: retailed at $660

TIME | 30mins – 1hour

COST | $ (Fairly inexpensive if you already have a pair of boots to start with)


  • Combat boots
  • Black Paracord x2 (Approx 5m each)



  1. Lace and tie knots as shown in the images. It’s okay if it’s not the same or you make a mistake, the overall look is a more strappy rugged feel, so aim for that and don’t worry about perfection
  2. Repeat the same thing you did to Boot 1, but mirrored.

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