All these fancy tools everywhere may make you feel like you can’t achieve some boss ass nails without the help of said tools, but let me in on a secret.. you can have awesome nail art with things found around the house! Before I got hardcore into nail art and invested money in getting brushes, foils, powders, dotting tools… I too just used the basics and got creative. Basically a toothpick was my best friend on Mani-Mondays. Continue reading for 5 super easy nail art DIYs that are so easy you won’t be able to not try them out!

Things you will need!
  • bobby pin
  • eye-shadow applicator (sponge tip)
  • sandwich bag
  • toothpick
  • tape
Throughout this tutorial I used Coconut Cove by Essie and Halcyon by Cirque (you can view my review on this amazing rose gold polish here)

Pro Tip: Practice, practice, practice! It’ll help you build up a steady hand so you can execute some pretty awesome designs on both hands!

1. Bobby pin as a dotting tool

2. Eyeshadow applicator for quick mess free gradients!

3. Create nail decals on a sandwich bag and apply to nails! Apply the nail polish quite thickly and let it dry to about 90%, its best to have it still pliable and not crumbly.

4. Use a toothpick to draw nail designs.

5. Use tape to make crisp lines and shapes. TIP: Do one nail at a time and peel off the tape after painting over it to keep clean edges.

Good luck on your nail art!

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