After the new resolution determination wears down and the excitement around ringing in the New Year dies, we’re left reminded that it’s still extremely cold and dreary outside. Though the days may be getting marginally longer, it will be a long time before shorts and sandals will be seen in Canada. These pasty legs will be well hidden under jeans and leggings. As depressing as that sounds, there’s a tonne to get excited about for the next few cold months. Being Canada’s 150th Birthday, a tonne of celebrations are headed our way so strap on those winter boots, put on some mitts, its time to go outside people! Here is a list of some must sees and dos these next few winter months!

Winterlude – Ottawa’s winter festival where you can see ice and snow sculptures, eat Beavertails (my fave is the Killaloe Sunrise), hot cocoa and skate on the Rideau Canal. This year is extra special so there are added events and a closing ceremony. It’s a tradition to go each year for me and my family so hopefully I’ll be seeing you guys there!

Red Bull Crashed Ice – Happening this March, you too can witness extremely brave people barreling down an ice obstacle. Literally picture downhill skiing but replace the hill with an ice track and those skis with skates. Scary right? But extremely bad-ass!

Mont Tremblant – Not a far drive from the Capital, it provides some of the best skiing and snowboarding on the East Coast of Canada! Rent out a cottage and spend a weekend here with friends or family. Click here and here to see my past trip to Mont Tremblant! If you’re not up for the trip to Tremblant or are just starting out skiing or snowboarding, there are a tonne of hills closer and less intimidating like Camp Fortune, Cascade and Edelweiss to just name a few

Ice Skating Trial – About an hour’s drive from Ottawa you can skate in a forest! A fun date or family event were you can enjoy nature and get some exercise at the same time!

Le Nordik Spa – If you’re in the mood for some R&R this is the place for you. I personally love it in the winter because everything is extremely pretty with frozen waterfalls, and snow covered trees. Especially great to go with the girls or a special someone! Be sure to check out Le Nordik’s weekly deals for some great priced packages.

NHL Game – Lastly, why not take in one of the sports Canada dominates in? Catch an NHL game and get lost in the sport. GO SENS GO! Tickets start as cheap as $20.

Also to note if you are planning on travelling around in Canada this year, you can visit ALL parks for FREE! Yes, I said free. As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada is giving out free passes, all you have to do is request one online from here and it’ll show up in your mail box! Happy travels!



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