Things I have been looking at this month…

Images from HYPEBAE

1. FRE Customs Flower Bomb sneakers: LOVE these! Planning on doing a similar DIY but probably closer to the Gucci ones. I did order the applique embroidered flower patches shown in these images so we shall see what is to come!

Image from here: Coveteur
Left: Vogue Runway Chanel Resort 2017; Right: Instagram FriendinFashion

2. Chanel Slides: these are both super cute and with a tropical vacation planned, I’ve been in summer mode, more details later on that vacation!

Images from Spell Designs

3. GypseaLust: Lauren Bullen has the most incredible Instagram feed of a dream life of every millennial out there with wanderlust. Though this isn’t the first time I’ve stumbled upon her as I have been an avid follower of her adventures for a while; the dreary winter months have me definitely frequenting her and Jack’s pages for some travel inspo. Be sure to check her feed out and her blog (which I did only find out about recently)!

Image from A Thought for Food

4. Poke Bowls: I love fish and I love food bowls; I think this would be a yummy lunch to pack for work! Feels like a deconstructed sushi bowl in a way which is making me hungry just thinking about. This recipe is on the list of to try for me!

Image from Design Boom

5. Moleskine Creative Cloud: I received this as a Christmas gift and I’m super excited to give this a try! As a designer, I think it can be super useful eliminating a step in the process of going from hard copy to digital! Will post a review on this soon!

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