Valentine’s day gives the excuse to any girl to get something new into her wardrobe. This off-the-shoulder feather dress is a perfect wow piece for the occasion and I first saw it done here. Granted the online dress cost way too much I decided to try the DIY route and was able to replicate a similar thing at a much more cost effective price.
DIY TIME: 30 mins or less
DIY COST: $-$$
What you’ll need:
  • Strapless black dress (mine is an old one from H&M) similar here
  • Feather Boa*
*I wanted bigger feathers so I opted for an ostrich boa, but for those of you who want something a little less in your face, I recommend getting just a marabou boa, it has shorter feathers.
  1. Make sure your feather boa is long enough to wrap around your torso and arms
  2. Start tacking your feather boa at the back of the dress, if your dress is a pull over dress with no zipper and made of a knit material (aka stretchy), stretch out the material as you tack down the boa along the top edge.
  3. Continue tacking along small stitches here and there until you get about one or two inches from where your arm would hit the side of the dress if you were to have it on and arms casually by your side.
  4. Leave approximately 10-12inches of the feather boa out, and around 3-4inches on the dress before continuing to tack down the boa along the front of the dress.
  5. Tack the rest of the boa along the front of the dress and repeat step 4 to fit in the other  arm.
  6. Continue tacking the rest of the boa along the top of the dress until you reach the back, trim and just make sure the ends are well blended together
I particularly like the base dress I used for this one, because it is so form fitting it easily can be folded or covered with a skirt so that the dress turns into a top and its a super fun way to get a 2 in 1 with your DIY! #stylehack

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