Patches are still hot thanks to Gucci and these shoes are right on trend with a floral embroidered applique. An easy DIY to jazz up a pair of plain white sneakers that are perfect for spring. I love pairing these with jeans and they will also look pretty cool with cutoff shorts for summer. If you want to make them closer to the Gucci sneakers, feel free to paint the sides of the white sneakers! I personally liked the plain white with just the patch detailing.

TIME | 10 mins

COST | $30 (relative to the shoes you use as a base)

DIY Embroidered Sneakers Supplies

What you’ll need:

  • White sneakers (similar here and here)
  • Floral embroidered applique (here)
  • E 6000 Glue
Trimming embroidered appliques to fit
Apply glue in sections
Modified the patch to fit my tiny shoes #babyfeet
Working in sections prevents too much glue build up
Let glue dry overnight
DIY Embroidered Sneakers with DIY Cutoff Jeans


  1. Take your appliques and make sure they fit to your shoes, lay them out to get a rough idea of how you would like to glue them down
  2. Because my feet are tiny (I’ve been nicknamed by some friends for having #babyfeet) so I trimmed the appliques so they fit my size 6 shoes
  3. Take E6000 and apply it to the patch in sections and glue it onto the shoes
  4. Let the glue dry for 24hrs and dance around in your new shoes!

If you end up making this DIY make sure to share it with #DECONSTRUT so I can see your projects!

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  1. Where did you find your patches? I really want to try this diy but I can’t find any as good as the ones you used and the think is no longer available. Please let me know and thanks so much :))

    1. Hi Lauren!

      I’m so sorry to hear that they are sold out! This one has a similar floral patch if you’re interested but it doesn’t have the bow, best of luck finding them!

  2. hi! i love this project and want to do it but i can’t find the appliqués you used. i know you have them linked, but i think it’s out of order. please let me know where i can purchase these appliqués, as i would love to recreate this. i’ve looked around and couldn’t find any similar ones. please let me know and thanks so much 🙂

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