This is a nail art design inspired by Dior’s iconic Diorama bag. Its simplistic linear geo pattern is mesmerizing and after seeing it on Janice Joostemaa’s nails, I knew I had to recreate it myself! Feminine yet with a bit of edge thanks to those metallic lines, I think this will be a mani I’ll be rocking a lot this spring in different colour combos. Can you imagine this with a rosegold base and white lines? Mmmm gorgeous!

Read on if you’d like to know how I created this iconic pattern on my nails!

Polishes used are Essie’s Gel Coutour Top Coat and Fairy Tailor, and Butter London’s Bobby Dazzler.

As a side note, these Essie Gel Couture Polishes are a new obsession. They last for days without chipping if paired with the top coat and applied properly. The brush is the perfect size with a rounded tip to hug the cuticle without flooding and it dries fairly quickly. I love how shiny the polishes are by themselves. I own a few other shades and sometimes its even possible to forego the top coat because they are just that shiny! These polishes usually last about a week with no chipping on me (I’m super rough with my nails and I pick at them too so for those of you who are more careful with your hands you should be able to make that 10 day no chip wear!). I highly highly highly recommend them. The sheer shade shown here, Fairy Taylor, applied super smooth with minimal streaking in just two coats. this is the polish I go for if I don’t want a color but a look of “my nails but better”.



  1. Paint two layers of your base polish
  2. Let dry
  3. Take a nail art stripping brush and use your accent nail polish to first draw two lines close to the sides of your nails
  4. Draw another two lines horizontally near the top and bottom of the nail leaving an open square center in the middle of your nail
  5. Paint diagonal lines that cross in the middle of the previous lines you drew forming a diamong over top of the square
  6. Apply a top coat to seal the design in!


Be sure to tag #DECONSTRUT if you recreate this look so I can see it!


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