The cutoff style doesn’t have to be exclusive to just shorts as this uneven hemline has been quite popular on a lot of streetstyle bloggers. Granted as cool as they were, I wasn’t inclined to pay premium retail prices so I got myself a cheap pair of jeans and proceeded to cut them up as I pleased. I’m pretty happy with the result, though I do wish that the jeans were more tapered at the ankle but that’s just due to my jeans not being ultra skinny like I usually get them. But better yet for those of you looking to recreate this, thrift a pair of denim jeans from your local thrift store to save even more and to have IDEAL worn in denim cut offs.

I styled my cutoff uneven hem jeans with a baggy sweater, scarf (because it’s still cold where I live), fishnet socks and black pumps. This is a more going out look but you can definitely dress these jeans down with sneakers or denim shorts for the summer!

TIME | 10 mins

COST | $10

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of jeans (preferably skinny)
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper (optional but helpful)
  • Ruler
  • Marker or pen
Mark the desired amount of uneven-ness
Make sure you mark the inside of the jeans
Snip snip
Use a seam ripper to undo the back hem
Wash to get a more worn in look


  1. Flip your jeans inside out
  2. Measure the height of the desired cutout for the uneven hem, I did 2 inches
  3. Cut out the front of the jeans to create the uneven hem
  4. Take your seam ripper and remove the bottom hem of your jeans to give it a more worn in and frayed look
  5. Wash them to get the wispys and frayed denim to be more pronounced

Like always, if you happen to recreate this DIY, use the hashtag #DECONSTRUT so I can see it 🙂

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