Everyone wants to capture picturesque moments on vacation and I’m not any different. I want to be able to capture candid moments, grand scenes and textural details that can take me back to any memories of a trip, to evoke the feelings I had in that moment and to share it with others back home. As I’m packing for my trip to Hawaii, I thought I would share with you guys how I pack and take care of my camera equipment.

Shooting equipment wise, I like to take photos primarily with a DSLR. I find it gives you the most versatility with different lens options and a more professional outcome. For more action packed items I like to use my GoPro as it’s more compact and can take on water and impact better than a heavy DSLR camera. For video purposes, I will usually shoot with my phone primarily, but I will also use my GoPro and DSLR to supplement footage, it really depends on what I have on hand in the moment. As it has been said before, the best camera is the one you have on you. All three yield different  footage quality but it’s good to have similar settings across the board to get smoother transitions.

If you want to know what I have in my camera bag, keep on reading!

What I’m packing:

  • Canon DSLR Rebel SL1
  • 15-85mm f3.5 lens
  • Fixed lens at 24mm f2.8
  • Extra batteries (x3) and charger for DSLR and GoPro
  • GoPro Hero Silver 4
  • GoPro Accessories: clips, floater, wrist strap, suction cup…
  • MobileLite Transfering Device (I use this to back up my memory cards or to transfer things to my phone to post)
  • USB stick
  • Memory cards: multiple SD cards and micro SD cards
  • Charging cables
  • Gorilla Pods, small and large/tripod
  • LowePro camera bag and rain cover
  • Plastic Bags – Great for impromptu raincovers for your camera
  • Silica gel packets – helps keep the humidity out of your equipment, throw a couple into your camera bag
  • Rubberbands
  • Microfiber cloth

In terms of packing and storing equipment, I like to keep device specific things separate, so all DSLR cables and accessories will stay together in a bag, same with GoPro stuff in another, so on and so forth. I find it easier to manage and I’ll also know exactly where things should or if something goes missing. Also quick tip: bring tiny elastics to help hold cables together for ideal cable management! Elastics can also double up to hold back your hair if you have #longhair problems like me.

After a trip I like to thoroughly clean out my camera and gear, things collect sand, dust, salt… and can ruin your equipment. For my GoPro, I clean right after use because I don’t want salt water or any other bacteria or mud getting crusty on it so I clean it with fresh water and soak any accessories as well to get them all squeaky clean.

For some people who aren’t huge into photography this may all seem a bit excessive but do what works for you! Can’t wait to share trip photos with you guys!



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