We’ve all been seeing super cute bikinis with summer approaching and I couldn’t resist browsing around online. Some popular destinations are Zaful and Cupshe but I had a hunch that I had seen some of those designs for cheaper, and that would be on Aliexpress! Always down to save a couple of extra bucks, I decided to place a few orders for my tropical vacation coming up. I’ve always wondered if ordering from Aliexpress would be safe and legit and through this test I would recommend ordering from Aliexpress. Only somethings though… there are some things I wouldn’t order; this post will cover the bikinis I have ordered. Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about ordering from Aliexpress!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  • Reversible pineapple bikini set
  • Pink scoop neck and leaf print bottoms bikini
  • Minimal khaki bikini set
  • High neck halter taupe bikini set
  • Criss-cross black one piece
  • Floral neoprene cheeky bikini set (Triangl Dupe)


For starters, I’m ordering from Canada. And let me tell you… the free shipping, (China default) takes FOREVER. Unless you have no timeline and don’t get stressed about waiting day in day out for packages to magically appear, I do NOT recommend. If you are given the choice, always choose the e-packet option, on average I had those packages arrive within 10-15 business days (which is reasonable) and the tracking is a bit better and accurate on this method of shipping. E-packet is usually only a couple of dollars or also part of the free shipping so for better peace of mind, I’ll always pay the extra $2.

With their default shipping method, somethings arrived after two months, others almost three border line four months.



I’m a fairly small person standing at 5, 3″and at any usual fast fashion store like Forever 21, Zara or Topshop, I’m an XS or a 0/2 (store dependent). So for Aliexpress I went with the smallest sizes possible. I’ll include individual sizing comparisons throughout the images.



TIP 1 | Purchase bikinis that are adjustable, ties make it easy to make things fit to your body in case the size you bought is too big or too small.

TIP 2 | Make sure there are reviews for the item you are purchasing, preferably with real images provided by customers who have bought the same item. A lot of sellers on Aliexpress “borrow” (I use this term loosely) images from the internet from their real retail counterparts so those images aren’t usual accurate to the item you will be receiving.

TIP 3 | Shop around. If there’s an item you really love but its a bit out of budget, shop around as other sellers will most likely have the similar if not the same item for less. But if the deal is too good and the over seller reviews seem too good to be true, don’t order!


  • $8.99
  • Size S
  • Padded, not removable
  • Overall: The bottoms are way too small, they still fit thanks to the elasticity of the material but not extremely comfortably. The three side straps dig in a little. The materials is okay, it definitely feels not super lux as the white pineapple print seems a bit dark compared to the online image and the ends of the green ties are not finished off but nothing a knot can’t fix.


  • $11.89
  • Size XS
  • Padded, removable
  • Overall: Love the fit of this one! The top makes the girls looks AMAZING and the bottoms are extremely cheeky, think Brazilian cut. The only flaw is that the pink material is a bit thin so you can see the padding through the top.


  • $9.33
  • Size S
  • No padding
  • Overall: The bottoms are cheeky and fit great. Top is adjustable, the back clasp could be better but still pretty good since it’s metal it’ll hold up well compared to a plastic clasp. The top will definitely show the nips (#freethenipples) if its chilly out. I find the shape of the cups leave a weird fold at the bottom of the top but that may also just be the lack of boobs on my part.


  • $10.71
  • Size S
  • Padded, Not Removable
  • Overall: The color is great on this bikini, makes it look a lot more expensive than it is. The padding in this bikini is very rounded, not noticeable when worn but just something to note and also can be removed if you don’t like them. The ends of the ties are also unfinished on this one but like I said before, nothing a knot won’t fix to make it look more finished. Bottoms are a bit more full coverage


  • $12.88
  • Size S
  • Padded, Removable
  • Overall: An XS would of fit me better width wise, I like my one pieces to be super body hugging. Great quality with adjustable straps, this would be fun to also wear as a top. I wish the back of the one piece was but lower and the butt cut cheekier but that’s just my personal preference.


  • $18.75
  • Size XS
  • Not Padded
  • Overall: This is a dupe for a Triangl bikini but not the exact same, the print is slightly different on my set but none the less still pretty. Built the exact same, and looks amazing at a fraction of the price! You can even order a neoprene bag for your bikini just like the ones sold on the Triangl site. I love that this top has adjustable straps and I personally love that there is now a cheeky cut for neoprene bottoms as I have tried the full coverage bottoms and its just  too much butt sweat and coverage for a hot summers day. Unfortunately these bottoms were way too small and I can’t even fit into them, would recommend sizing up!


More images of these bikinis can be found on my Instagram as I get more travel photos up! Will link once those become available.

Now you can go forth and order yourself some awesome new bikinis for this season! Let me know how you fair with your Aliexpress experience! Happy shopping 🙂

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  1. These pictures are super cute and I am glad you were able to find such cute swimsuits on aliexpress. I need to check em out and hopefully I can be patient enough to find something! Lol

  2. These all designs are pretty amazing. Shopping for swimsuits is my favorite thing and love colorful swimwear. This coming season I want stylish swimsuit for myself. Here are so many options for me. Thanks for sharing.

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