American Eagle Vintage Hi-Rise Festival Shorts, Le Specs No Smirking Sunglasses

Spring has me wanting to show a little bit more skin and there’s no better way than to hop onto that off-the-shoulder trend. This top is super easy to make, in fact if you have all the materials on hand, you will have a new top to wear out tonight by the time you’re done reading this post!

I love the white because it just pairs beautifully with everything and after a very dreary winter I’m ready to shed the black and grey layers to make way for lighter and brighter items in my closet. I made this one slightly cropped so it sits perfectly with high waisted shorts and jeans. I’ve made sure that the sleeves aren’t restrictive because a lot of off the shoulder tops tend to render your arms useless; but with this one, full mobility is enabled and your top won’t shift around!

TIME | 30 mins

COST | $ (super inexpensive, in fact I already had all my materials from previous projects so it was essentially free)

DIFFICULTY | Super Easy!

What you’ll need:

  • Knit jersey of choice ( I used a ribbed white knit fabric)
  • Elastic 1″ in width, length to fit comfortably around your bust area
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread (or even a serger if you’re fancy!)
Pattern pieces
1′ elastic to fit around the torso for no slip
Sewing to accomodate the elastic
Hemming the main body piece
Making arm hole tubes
Hemming the arm tubes
Aligning seams and attaching to the main body


  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric that will fit around your torso and pick a length for your top. My materials came in a tube so the dimensions of the cut piece was 12″ x 14″, if yours isn’t in a tube than it would be 24″ x 14″ if you use my body measurements. (Remember to allow for seam allowance)
  2. Cut two pieces for the sleeves, I used rectangles that measured 7″ x 9″. (Remember to allow for seam allowance)
  3. Sew the elastic into the main body piece by folding material over the elastic and stitching it down with a zig-zag stitch
  4. Hem the bottom of the main body piece by folding over half and inch and stitching it down with a zig-zag stitch
  5. Sew the arm rectangle pieces into tubes.
  6. Hem the top part of the arm rectangle to have the same spacing as if it had elastic in it, this will line up with the main body piece later
  7. Hem the bottom portion of the arm tube by folding over half and inch and stitching it down with a zig-zag stitch
  8. Stitch the arm pieces to the main body piece when the seams facing the inside.

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    1. Super easy! Use a stretchy fabric and it’ll be even more forgiving it you happen to make it too tight 🙂 good luck!

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