There’s nothing more perfect than a circle.

Minimalistic and symmetric, with no apparent beginning or an end, it has an overall calm and finite feeling. I absolutely love the over-sized delicate statement of these circle drop hoop earrings. I liked them so much that I made them both in silver and gold. They both use a slightly different way of construction to assemble but you can get this DIY done in a jiffy and be walking out the door with all the materials on hand. For materials, I up-cycled old earrings my mom had into these new on trend pieces. Up-cycling old items is a great way to refresh the wardrobe for cheap, and not to mention its better for the environment; a win-win all around! Keep on reading if you would like to recreate these eye catching hoops and as always, tag it with #DECONSTRUT so I can see your creations!

TIME | 5 Minutes

COST | $0


What you’ll need:

  • Old earrings, you will be reusing the hooks and posts, as well as the large circles if you are lucky to have those
  • Large hoops (You can get similar here and here) Diameter is up to your own preference!
  • Jump rings – must be small enough of a gauge to thread through the chain and to fit around your hoop
  • Chain – I used thin chain around 1.5mm so it looks like the circles are floating
  • Pliers


  1. Take apart the old earrings and keep the posts and hooks as well as any other parts you can reuse.
  2. Cut chain to length desired, I used around 2-2.5″
  3. Attach everything together with jump rings
  4. * If you have a hoop that has a hole in it as shown above, then you can use a post piece and bend it into a loop to help attach it to a jump ring

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