I really can’t get enough of the off the shoulder trend and I’m going to hit you guys with another off shoulder tutorial. You can see my previous off shoulder top tutorial here! I promise to post something else soon, but these tops are just so easy and fun to do since you don’t really have to worry about sleeve seam alignment. The off shoulder trend also eliminates the chances of tan lines which is great because my skin takes on colour so quickly that tan-lines happen in a blink.

I was inspired by this Victoria Victoria Beckham top which I saw Lydia Elise Millen try on in her Instagram story and immediately fell in love. Looked up the top and deemed that it could easily be an easy DIY by modifying an existing oxford shirt. The result isn’t as perfect as the original but I think it turned out pretty cute and unique! It’s definitely a lot girlier of a piece than I would normally wear but something about spring and summer makes me want to dress up and twirl around in circles.

I paired the shirt with my Rag & Bone Jeans, Aldo sandals and Le Spec Sunglasses. The earrings are a vintage find which scream Dolce & Gabbana vibes, and they paired beautifully with the top. Do you have any other suggestions on how to style the top? I think it would be interesting to see it with a pair of white pants and slides.

TIME | 2-3 hours

COST | $15-$20

DIFFICULTY | moderate sewing ability needed

What you’ll need:

  • Oxford shirt, make sure to size up so it fits looser, the bigger the shirt the bigger the top ruffle (similar here)
  • Elastic thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching normal thread


  1. Cut off the top portion of the oxford shirt, I measured about 3″ from the shoulder seam and adjusted it accordingly.
  2. Hem the raw edge by double folding  the edge and using a straight stitch to sew it down.
  3. Wind up a bobbin with the elastic thread to prep the machine for shirring. Shirring is the technique that makes the material gather up and help it be form fitting to the body.
  4. About 2″ down from the top of the shirt, in line with the top button, I sewed my first shirring row. Make sure to NOT go across the buttons or the button strip area, the shirring rows are to end right beside it, be sure to be sewing in straight lines or it will be obvious when things don’t line up accordingly
  5. Repeat shirring rows until it hits around your waist on the main torso. You will have to rewind your bobbin from time to time with the elastic thread as I ran out around ever three rows.
  6. Add two rows of shirring to the sleeves to help gather and fit it to your arms.
  7. Return your sewing machine to normal and stitch over the front button area seams so that it is secure and wont case gaping when worn. This is to be done last because when sewing some of the lines in the torso I found it helpful to open up the shirt to sew the shirring rows.
  8. Tie off loose ends and cut off extra thread to clean it up.


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