RATING| 4/5 stars | Good dupe!

COST | $108.98 + $37.07 CAD shipping

I’m usually a shoe person. Never was really into bags until recently when my go to everyday bag has gotten to a new state of “worn-in”. Its almost time to retire my beloved Rebecca Minkoff bag and through that I’ve been scouring the internet to find a replacement. During that time obviously Gucci was a top brand that kept on popping up and I fell head over heels for their Dionysus mini bag. It’s absolutely stunning! What is also stunning (but not in the good way) is the outrageous price of the bag. This girl isn’t about to drop that much money on any bag, no matter how pretty. Now usually when something is out of my price range, the first solution would be to DIY something similar (hence this blog) but seeing as it’s a pretty structured handbag with some custom hardware, I figured finding a dupe would probably be a better solution. On this quest to find a golden Gucci dupe, I came across many YouTube videos talking of  designer dupe bags and got sucked into this whole new world where you can get high quality dupes. Through that I magically landed on the Instagram Page of Fashion Drug and was immediately drawn in.

Fashion Drug is based out of the Netherlands and provides fashion addicts like myself well crafted items that look almost identical to their real designer sister pieces without the designer label and price tag. Just to clarify: A dupe is not the same as counterfeit. Counterfeit merchandise has the same exact logos and names of the brands, claiming to be a product of a brand (which is illegal and I do not support this) but a dupe, where they basically reproduce a design without trying to pass it off as a fake is different. Its quite a conflicting subject but my views on it is basically this: if someone if copying your designs, you know you’ve made it good. People don’t copy designs unless they are of value and trending. I was okay with purchasing Fashion Drug’s dupe of the Gucci bag because I knew that I would never be able to afford the real thing, also I most definitely will not be trying to pass the bag as an original Gucci. In most cases if I can afford the real thing I would buy the original item to credit the original brand and designer but in this case, Gucci is a whole other galaxy away. People shouldn’t be surprised to see dupes but it seems to be a big fuss when it comes to bags; to each their own but let’s carry on with the review.

Ordering the Tiger Bag Mini was pretty quick and easy. The part the took the longest was waiting for the bag to come back into stock. It took about two weeks for the bag to get restocked, you can sign up for an email notification on the website, and if you comment on their Instagram page they will also notify you through that as well which was very cool! I raced to put in my order and in my excitement to do so I forgot to put in a promo code to get 10% off. I emailed Fashion Drug, and they were super nice and refunded me the 10% no questions asked. Now all I had to do was sit tight and wait for the tracking number to count down the days until it arrived. Shipping costs were pretty steep, it amounted to around $150 CAD but it did guarantee arrival within two weeks and a tracking number. I must of missed an email with the tracking notification because I had to email Fashion Drug to get an update a week later after my payment as I hadn’t heard from them, but they responded quickly with a tracking link. Living in Canada, being hit with duties can be a real pain. This time however, I was lucky that my package didn’t get flagged in customs so there were no additional costs to the purchase.

Upon opening up my package, there wasn’t any bubble wrap or padding so I was a bit concerned that my bag could be a bit dinged up from shipping. The bag comes in a reusable black Fashion Drug bag with a tag on the Tiger Mini, as well as a card. You can return your purchase within 14 days of receiving it by sending it back. The bag looked pristine and the chain jingled as I pulled it out. The suede is quite soft to the touch, looked great but it felt a tad thin. The flap-to-back piece and front piece has extra padding to give it a more plush feel which is definitely appreciated with such a structured bag. The Tiger Mini looks really good but feels a bit stiff overall, but that could be because of its structured nature. The duo tiger-head looks REALLY good, probably almost identical to the Gucci original (I say probably because I have yet to see this Gucci bag in real life), the chain is nicely weighted; and the bag overall looks great and feels decent for what it is. Stitches are all perfectly aligned, hardware is screwed in, I was not upset at this purchase whatsoever. It was a good purchase but not great (but this is me being nit picky).

There are obviously a few things that could be improved on the bag. One of my issues with this bag is with how sharp all the edges are, they scratch and can hurt the skin if you’re not careful, I’m assuming the sharpness will wear down with use but it was the first thing I noticed when handling the bag. Another thing that would of been great is the addition of a pocket on the back of the bag like the real version or the addition of an extra pocket under the smooth leather piece on the front like the larger version of the Dionysus handbag. The smooth leather piece is only there for show which is a bit disappointing. Lastly, the clasp on the front doesn’t perfectly align when you have one too many items in the bag, the bag struggles to close on the magnetic closure even when empty at times, a stronger magnet could easily fix this. These are all minor things but things to be noted if you’re considering purchasing this bag.

Overall, I think its a really really REALLY great dupe if you’re a Gucci fan. It’s easily an affordable bag for those who want something like the iconic bag, but if you’re just looking for a bag in general, you can definitely get a better quality bag for that price but you miss out on this specific style. Happy shopping!

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  1. I really really wanted this bag and I discovered their site yesterday… but they took out the tigerbag permanently since yesterday evening ..l I was about to order xd xd

    1. Oh no!!! I hope they will bring it back! Its a great dupe! In the meantime I would suggest searching Zaful or Aliexpress, they may have some Gucci dupes there!

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