With the holiday season roaring, I thought maybe you guys would be on the hunt for some beauty recommendations for that makeup loving friend! I recently received in the mail a box of #Benefaves products and wanted to share my thoughts on these cult favourites from Benefit. Benefit has some super cute gift sets this season so maybe these reviews on the cult favourites will help you pick out those perfect gifts for family and friends!

In my #Benefaves box I received the following from Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara, the POREfessional face primer, Hoola matte bronzer and the Ka-Brow!

Read on for my reviews of each product!

Disclaimer: These products are complimentary for testing by Benefit Cosmetics sent by Influenster

#Benefaves product reviews:
  • They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara: I’ve had samples of this in the past and my problem with all mascara samples are that they are never waterproof! My tiny straight Asian lashes need a good waterproof hold to maintain curl. But apart from that, this isn’t a favourite mascara of mine; don’t get me wrong, its good! But I’m not sure I would repurchase when there are cheaper alternatives in the drugstore. The mascara itself does lengthen, I love the brush for keeping all those lashes separated and fanned out. Would I purchase? Probably not but if you’re looking for long lashes this might be the one for you! 8/10
  • The POREfessional face primer: I don’t usually use primers because I don’t wear foundation. But I tried this out under neath some BB cream and concealer and it made my face look oh so flawless! It really fills in those pores and fine lines allowing you to have an airbrushed look to the skin. Works great layered under my existing products so I will definitely be using this again for any special events coming up! 9/10 (just because I don’t think its a daily must have product)
  • Hoola matte bronzer: When you think Benefit Cosmetics, hoola is definitely one of the first things that comes to mind. This cult beauty classic has definitely earned its place. I was always hestitant to try this bronzer because I thought it wouldn’t appear on my tanned skin tone. I was gladly proved wrong and upon initial application I definitely applied too much. This is one pigmented bronzer and I love the shade. Not too warm, not too cool, its perfect for carving out those cheekbones with a healthy sun-kissed glow. Highly recommend this product 10/10.
  • Ka-Brow in #5: The colour itself is a lot warmer than what I would use normally. I tend to stick to eyebrow pencils but have definitely been intrigued in trying out an eyebrow gel. I loved that this product came with a built in brush, it makes it super handy and travel friendly. I think its a nice product but I personally prefer a pencil for filling in my eyebrows on the daily. Gel takes a bit more time and effort, and to be frank I’m just not that good at it? 6.5/10

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