Welcome back!!! It’s a new year, with new adventures, new posts, and more DIYs to come.

I want to start off the New Year by reflecting on the last for a lot did happen and I thought it would be fun to do a little recap. I’ve always liked looking back and making note of things that are special to me so that I don’t ever forget. I find that it’s a great way to see progress, to see how far you’ve come, things you’ve accomplished.

I can’t wait to see what gets unraveled for 2018 and to share it all with you guys! Read on for my Top 7 Moments of 2017 which made the past year memorable!

Top 7 Moments of 2017:
      1. Relaunching DECONSTRUT

        This past year was the year… that I finally decided to relaunch DECONSTRUT with a new platform and domain so that I could own the rights and name. It was super exciting to be investing and shaping the blog into something I’ve always dreamed of it being. There is still a lot of work to be done, but for now I can say that I am proud to see how far it has come from its 2013 Blogspot days. (Shout-out to those who remember and have been here since 2013!)

      2. Shoes, shoes and more shoes

        Prior to the job I have now, I use to be a design intern at ALDO Group. During my time at ALDO, I got to design shoes, sandals, and sneakers for the women’s line. The last project I designed and helped develop got launched earlier this past year. It was super exciting to see a shoe I had a lot of input on hit shelves. I was so excited I ordered the sneakers in both colour ways, since I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I figured that in the future I would want both in my shoe archive. (Yes, you read that right… in the future I will have a shoe archive because I’m shoe-crazy!).

        Also on the note of shoes, a shoe design I submitted to PENSOLE’s 2017 World Sneaker Design Competition made it into the Top 64 for worldwide voting so that was pretty exciting!

      3. Kauai

        At the end of April, I got to take my first tropical getaway to the beautiful island of Kauai. So many beaches, and sand filled days mixed with hikes and unreal sights. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat and try my hand at surfing. My favourite photos from this past year were taken in Kauai because it was the first time I took travel photography seriously (see #7). But the part I think I miss the most from the trip are poke bowls from Pono’s Fish Market (yum!). Peek more into my trip to Kauai in these travel posts (1) (2) (3), guaranteed you will have some travel envy.

      4. The Big Apple

        The last time I traveled to NYC, I was a mere 14 years-old, and I remember trying to hunt down an H&M store but ended up getting lost on that school trip, ended up late to the MoMA. To say the least, my teachers were not very happy with me. I finally got a chance to go back, to explore and to eat that I’m already thinking that I’ll try to squeeze in a trip to NYC sometime in 2018 because I love the vibrancy of that place so much! If you want to see more about my trip to New York City back in May, hit up this post! If you have any recommendations be sure to leave a comment!

      5. Learning something new

        Being back in Ottawa with a full time job has allowed me to spend time on learning new skills. I started taking aerial classes in the summer, and have since fallen in love with aerial hoops and silks but am slowly transitioning that love for acrobatic pole! My climbing background definitely helps with the whole upper body strength needed to lift one-self; but my favourite part is the community around the sport and my classmates. All amazing women and a great support group for you to be yourself and let loose! Yes I have fallen on my face, but you laugh it off and continue trying.

      6. Arizona

        The most recent of trips to the desert state left me speechless with the incredible views we encountered! A blog post will be coming shortly sharing more photos from the trip but if you’re impatient and want a peek at the trip, be sure to click here! It was my first time seeing a desert-like environment and I’ve got to say… there was a lot more greenery than I imagined. One of the photographic highlights of the trip would have to be Antelope Canyon as it was my first ever photo tour (but hopefully not the last)! Which leads me to my last top moment of 2017…

      7. Say Cheese!

        Throughout 2017 I finally took more interest in photography and creating visual stories. I really fell in love with photography and have more images than I can edit on the regular. I’m always finding so much inspiration and creativity on Instagram it really does push one to try to get better and to try new ways of shooting (like in these shots… taking a page out of Brandon Woelfel’s shooting style).

        Photography hobbyists run in my family, and I am now joining the ranks! My dad has always loved photography and his strong points are in landscapes and all that next level knowledge about cameras and photography I barely have a grasp on. It’s something that him and I can now share and talk about on the regular, plus he always hooks me up with fun gear to try out[bonus!]. But most of all, I love that it’s a way for me to share my creativity and life with you guys! So cheers to that as we move onto 2018 for some more insta-worthy shots!

If you would like to see a recap of my 2016, check out this post!

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