Wearing: DIY Lace-up Velvet Cami, Abercrombie Girlfriend Jeans, Aldo loafer slides, LeSpecs sunglasses, Mejuri 360 Circle Earrings & DIY Pearl Drop extenders.

Combing two very popular trends this season, I’ve taken lace up details and velvet and placed it all into one great DIY. I love that this top takes on a simple cami/slip shape. By adding the lace up detail, the top transforms into a more elevated and sexy number. I think velvet is a great material that looks expensive and gives off a very luxurious aura, its perfect for dressing up any basic outfit! Creating it as I did, I made it so that the top can be worn in two ways, forwards and backwards. You can choose between having the plunging neckline in the front or having it on the back. A super fun way to add more we arability to your clothes! As shown, I’ve styled it with the higher square neckline for a more conservative daytime look, and also how turning the top around can instantly elevate everything to a sexier going out look.

If you don’t feel like creating this top from scratch you can always modify an existing v-neck cami and add in the lace up detailing. The disadvantage of doing so is that you won’t be able to wear it in the two different ways as mentioned above, but feel free to modify existing clothing items with the lace up trend as it is still a hot item this season! Happy DIY-ing!

TIME | 2 hours

COST | $

DIFFICULTY | moderate

What you’ll need:
  • Velvet fabric
  • 3mm strap material, approx 3 meters
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Chalk
  • Lining material (optional but encouraged)
  • Ruler
  • Pattern
  1. Create your pattern. I based mine off of the dress I made here, modified it slightly; you can also copy an existing top that fits you nicely, something that isn’t skin tight.
  2. Cut out the pattern pieces out of the velvet material,
  3. For the lining material: you can cut half the length of the plunging v/neckline so that it ends at your waist, for the high square neckline you just need about 2″ of  length following the same neckline pattern as the velvet piece. The reason I did not fully line the velvet was to minimize on material and thickness, the lining material is there to help with the necklines to make them look seamless and perfect! Feel free to extend it all the way down if desired.
  4. For the high square neckline piece, sew the darts on the side as a first step before the next step.
  5. Putting good sides facing, sew the necklines of both the front and back pieces with their respective lining pieces, make sure to include straps in the V-neck piece.
  6. Cut notches into the seam allowance on curved edges and corners so everything lays flat perfectly when turned right-side out.
  7. Flip it over and press a seam as close as you can to the inside edge of the lining piece. This will help in maintaining the lining to stay flat, also adds a professional touch/finishing to your top, you can reference this post as I used the same technique to do the neckline.
  8. Hand tack onto the lining side, the lace-up detail on the V-neck piece with the black cord.
  9. Sew side seams together with good sides facing each other.
  10. Sew arm holes, and attach straps to the high square neckline piece.
  11. Hem the bottom of the top with a straight stitch for a flawless finished DIY piece.

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