Wearing DIY Back Bow Tie Cami Crop Top with Abercrombie Girlfriend denim shorts, Reebok Classics hightops, and Mejuri star choker.

Yes, it’s another bow styled top, and no, I am not sick of bows yet! But who doesn’t like how cute and sweet bows look? I made this crop top on a random Saturday at home  and I think it’s my favourite summer top to date! Super cute and sweet, I used some scrap fabric I found at the Fabricland scrap bin so this mini top cost next to nothing! Sorry not sorry, but this is all you will see me wearing this summer!

TIME | 1hr

COST | $


What you’ll need
  • 1/2 Yard of fabric of choice (something lightweight is recommended)
  • Sewing machine
Pattern Pieces

  1. Cut all pieces with 1/2 inch seam allowance, I doubled up all the pieces so the top wasn’t see through, this is reflected in the pattern instructions.
  2. Sew in bust darts on all pieces and iron the bust darts flat and pointing downwards on the main panel piece.
  3. Attach the backside panel pieces and iron open the side seams.
  4. Fold and sew the straps in any way you like and turn them inside out for a clean finish; we want these as thin as possible!
  5. Sew in the straps on the “lining” side main panel piece.
  6. Sew around the top edge of the main pieces with the good sides facing in, taking care of going over the straps.
  7. Open up the main piece and press a top stitch line close to the previous line of step 6 but on the “lining” side so that the seam allowance will lay flat and iron (better images can be seen in this tutorial for this technique).
  8. Pin and sew the bow straps onto the main body piece opened up; iron the seams open.
  9. Fold the main piece over the lining piece as it would sit when worn, and align the bottom edges of the bow strap and trim the ends to a nice 45 degree angle.
  10. Sew along the bottom edge of the whole top piece flipped inside out and leaving the bow straps open for the next step.
  11. Flip the whole top right-side out using the bow strap openings.
  12. Fold in the raw edges of the bow strap and top stitch it closed.
  13. Final iron run over all seams to press it crisp and flat!

As always, if you happen to recreate these please share and use the hashtag #DECONSTRUT so I can see all your creations! Happy DIY-ing!

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  1. I absolutely love this top and want to make it for my daughter. However, I cannot get the pdf to print full size. Help!

    1. You can print out the pattern 1:1 scale and make sure the red square is measured exactly to get the measurements from the pattern pieces. I created it as an XS. Hope that helps!

    1. I would probably add a bit of room to the sides and length of the top but seeing as it is easily adjustable I think the pattern as is might be okay for you!

  2. Hello, I am French and therefore the measurements are not the same (cm vs inch).
    For the “main body panel” : is the bottom equal to 8 inch (so about 20 cm) ?
    Thank you (and sorry for my bad english).

    1. An easy conversion is 1inch = 2.5cm, I also recommend using the google measurement convertor if you don’t want to do the math yourself 🙂


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