Popular in the spring, but something I think will still carry onto the fall, are beaded hair clip accessories. We saw an uptake in beaded bags and now beaded hair clips and barrettes are seen everywhere on the runway and on the fashion influencers of Instagram. Granted you could buy these types of hair clips in a lot of places now; at the beginning of spring, I could only find them from China vendors and being the impatient person that I am, I decided to create them myself! I started DIY-ing when I was younger making beaded figurines so the concept behind the bead patterns was easy to create. Creating them yourself is also super cheap so if you want to save some money I highly recommend following these patterns. I didn’t spend any money in creating any of these clips as I reused only hair accessories and beads from previous projects.

Despite creating three different versions, the ones I wear the most are the most simple one-rowed hair clips in a set of two. I love that it’s a simple addition that can make you look more put together and because they are simple, they go with everything. If you are looking at this tutorial and feel a bit intimidated, I highly recommend trying out the easy one-row beaded hair clip! It takes less than 15mins and you will be surprised how straight forward it is to make something no one else will have.

Read on for 3 different hair clip patterns ranging from super easy to hard and a video tutorial!

TIME | 15-30 mins

COST | $

DIFFICULTY | Easy to Hard

Video Tutorial | Youtube

To follow along with my video tutorial, please watch!

EASY DIFFICULTY | Simple one row, 4 beaded hair clip

What you’ll need:

  • french barrette base (approx: 6cm)
  • 4mm pearl beads
  • fishing line

MEDIUM DIFFICULTY | Flower beaded hair clip

What you’ll need:

  • french barrette base (10cm)
  • 4mm pearl beads
  • 4 x ??mm pearl beads
  • 2 x ?? mm pearl beads
  • 1 x ??mm pearl bead
  • fishing line

Note: This is the pattern that worked best for my base barrette, feel free to customize it how you’d like!

HARD DIFFICULTY | Pearl Beaded Barrette

What you’ll need

  • snap clip barrette base (???cm)
  • 3mm pearl beads
  • fishing line

There you have it, three different DIY beaded hairclips at varying levels of difficulty! As always, be sure to use the #DECONSTRUT if you recreate any of these tutorials so I can see your creations! Happy DIY-ing!

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