Up close view of flame nails on both hands
More close up shots of flame nail art
Left hand view of flame nails

I’ve been dying to try out the flame nail art trend since the summer and with the current self-isolation means of the world, I’ve managed to grow my nails long enough to attempt this! So here’s a fun video that I filmed and some accompanying images. I think it turned out not-too-shabby for a first attempt! I will definitely be trying this flame nail art design out again in different color combos as spring and summer roll on in.

Nail polishes and inspiration for flame nails
Flame nail art process

What you’ll need:



  1. Prep nails.
  2. Apply a base coat of choice and let dry.
  3. Apply one coat of Fairy Tailor to even out the nail color and let this dry completely.
  4. Take a thin nail art brush and your first color of choice (this will be the outline, in my case white) and draw flame-like shapes on the tips of the nails. Let dry completely.
  5. Take your secondary flame colour (purple) and carefully fill in the flames leaving an outline of the previous color in Step 4 visible. Let dry 80%.
  6. Take a shiny top coat and apply generously being careful to not drag the brush too hard across the flames to prevent streaking.
  7. Let everything dry completely and clean up the cuticles.
  8. FIRE!!!
Up close look at flame nails
More images of flame nails
Flame nail art with Off-White Sculpture Flap Bag
Self with flame nails

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