Up close shot of shark embroidery
Up close detail shot of shark embroidered on a sweater

Spending this much time at home has resulted in me picking up new hobbies and embroidering and cross-stitching seems to be a calming task for days I want to be away from a screen. Embroidery may seem like something a grandma does, but with a modern twist can be the coolest edition to your DIY-belt of skills!

I decided to embroider a crewneck I had on hand with this cute shark detail that I had spotted previously at Aritzia in a past season. The result is super cute and with my own twist makes it one of a kind! Read on to learn how to embroider your own clothes and create cool custom pieces!

See here for a previous post in which I embroidered a T-shirt!

TIME | 1 hr

COST | $


DIY shark embroidery | things you'll need

What you’ll need:

  • Crewneck sweater (or any other item of clothing)
  • Thread (embroidery or sewing)
    • Dark grey
    • Light grey
    • Red
    • White
    • Black
  • Sharp needle
  • 2 x 4mm black beads
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)

Shark pattern:

Pattern: Shark reference photo and outline

Video tutorial:


  1. Copy out the pattern or pattern of choice
  2. Transfer the pattern to the item of clothing in a visible manner. I used tracing paper and a pencil; other options include pen, chalk and graphite transfer paper.
  3. Starting with the 3 threads, outline the dark grey area of the shark. I use a backstitch/chain-like stitch for outlining.
  4. Take another 3 strands of the dark grey and fill in the outlined area.
  5. Use 3 strands of a light grey to outline the belly of the shark
  6. Take 3 strands of the red to create the crescent shape of the mouth
  7. Separate another 3 strands of the light grey to fill in the belly
  8. Take 2 strands of white to create the teeth
  9. Using black thread and sew on two black beads for the eyes.
  10. Rock your new customized loungewear!
Style shot of shark sweater
Shot of shark sweater on blogger

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