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Being the avid photographer that I am, I have mountains of digital data on multiple hard drives that never see the light of day. I have all intentions when taking photos to share them, and maybe to one day print them out; but often I don’t know where or have the time to do so. When Photowall Sweden reached out offering a print I was really excited to get my work onto my walls. Photowall Sweden offers many different types of prints but the ones that interested me the most were the custom options of canvas and poster prints. I think canvas prints are great if you’re looking for an impactful piece of wall art, whether it be your own image or someone elses.

Read on for my full review and a special discount code at the end!

Created in partnership with Photowall Sweden.

The hardest part for me was selecting a photo. It’s hard to imagine how a photograph would appear larger and if it would translate well being brought to life. To select just one photo was also like asking you to select your favourite pet; definitely difficult if you have more than one.  I settled on an old photo of these ocean waves from Kauai that was taken on my old Canon Rebel SL1 (you don’t need fancy equipment to capture great moments!).

I ordered the print to be 110cm x 70cm so it could be a wow piece! Before submitting my photo, I made sure the resolution of the image was at its best to be printed at such a large scale. I even checked in with Photowall for resolution sizes to ensure a crisp print. They got back to me quickly with the following recommendation: the image should have at least one pixel per millimetre of the wall. Example: if the preferred dimension is 240 cm high, the image should be at least 2400 pixels high. I sent in an image that was 2:1 ratio for pixels to cm for even better clarity, though I’m not sure if this made a difference in the end. With a canvas print, the texture will help in hiding imperfections if you happen to have any. The texture also creates a different dimension to the photo that you wouldn’t get with a traditionally glossy print.

Within a week, the package arrived on my doorstep all packaged neatly in a long rectangular box. I opened it up, and I was presented with the canvas print all rolled up and the accompanying pieces for a frame. With easy to follow instructions, I had my print all set up in less than 30 minutes!

The pros:

  • Fast delivery and turn around time, I got everything within a week and I live in Canada.
  • Easy to set up! Didn’t need any special tools, just some space and a few minutes.
  • Beautiful quality print and colors. Although the print leaned a bit warmer than the edit on my computer, I was very happy with the final result. Nothing was over saturated or weird.
  • Pretty affordable for what you get!

Additional notes:

  • The canvas doesn’t wrap around the back of the frame. It sits flush with the wall but some fraying can occur from the canvas edge.
  • Not a stretch canvas. The canvas in not pulled taunt over the frame, warping could occur overtime in the center of the print (especially if you live in a humid environment). This is more of an issue if you order large prints like mine.

Would I order from Photowall Sweden in the future? Yes! I had a great experience with them and I want to try out their poster prints next! If you are interested in ordering from Photowall Sweden to decorate your own place, they’ve kindly provided a discount code for my readers! Please use the code: deconstrutpw2020 for a 25% discount on any Photowall products until the end of May 2020!

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