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Adding lace to the tie top DIY - sewing progress
Close up shots of the tie top with lace detailing

Super cute and flowy, this remake of the Princes Polly vintage tie top is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe! The lace details give it a cute and girly vibe and the cropped length makes it perfect paired with high-waisted jeans and cut-off shorts. This tie top will be a summer staple in my closet and I can’t wait to wear it all season!

I had picked up a remanent piece of satin fabric from a local fabric store prior to the quarantine and it was the perfect thing to use in recreating this tie top. The original Princess Polly tie top retails for $60 CAD, where as it cost me less than $7 to recreate it. So if you want to save some money and create something cute this is the tutorial for you! I recreated the top from scratch, but I do think this top can be easily recreated by flipping a tee in your closet. No need to go get fabric or anything new to make this cute little top!

TIME | 1-3 hours

COST | $


Modelling the tie top in the park

Video tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • Light fabric (I used satin fabric but with the inside subtle sheen side as the outer fabric of the top) or a t-shirt base
  • Lace trim
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
Shirt base of the tie top before the lace was added
Shirt base before the lace was added


* If you’re flipping a t-shirt in your closet for this top, please do the following:

  • Cut down the center of your tee shirt and cut in a deep v-neckline
  • See step 7 and onward

Creating the top from scratch:

  1. Create a pattern from a relaxed-fit t-shirt and modify the pattern so that it has a deep V neckline and two bust side darts on the front pieces. (Darts are optional but will allow for a better fit)
  2. Starting with the two front pieces, you will want to pin and sew the darts with a simple straight stitch.
  3. Iron and press the dart flaps in the same direction on both front pieces.
  4. Next, you’ll wait to attach the front pieces to the back by sewing the top shoulder seams. With the good sides facing, sew the shoulder seams.
  5. After sewing the shoulder seam, you will want to attach the sleeves. Pin and sew the sleeves to the top by starting the pinning process from the middle and moving outwards to ensure that the sleeve is properly centered on the shoulder seam.
  6. Close off the sides of the top by sewing up the seams on the sides of the front and back pieces, and the sleeve. You should have something like an open t-shirt cardigan at this time. I recommend trying it on for size and fit just to make sure everything is perfect before moving onto the next steps! Modifications are easier to do now versus later.
  7. Once you are happy with the fit of your top, you’ll want to hem the neckline next. Double fold ⅛” for a dainty finish.
  8. Hem any remaining edges. For the bottom of the top at 1/2″ and at ¼” on the sleeves.
  9. Next, to create the strap, cut out a 1” wide strip of fabric. I think I used a length of 18” so I could cut it in half into two straps after. If you are unable to create one super-long strap, you can definitely create the two straps separately.
  10. Start by ironing both lengthwise edges folded inwards at ¼”. You will then want to fold the strap lengthwise again and sew as close as possible to the open edge to form a ¼” flat strap. I like to sew straps with a denser stitch so I used a stitch length of 2 when sewing the length of the strap.
  11. Next, you will want to attach the straps to your top. Pin and sew your straps to the point where the v-neckline meets the straight edge of the front opening of the top. 
  12. Taking your lace trim, you’ll want to measure out enough to go around the front opening and neckline of your top and around the sleeve openings. 
  13. Topstitch the lace to the edges of your top to finish off the look!

If you ever recreate any of my DIY projects, please be sure to use the #DECONSTRUT so I can see all your creations!

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