If anyone knows me they know I love a good back detail. Somewhat of a surprise when someone turns around, a unique back detail is a great way to elevate any basic! In this DIY, I take an old boy’s long-sleeve tee and make it into a super cute and trendy top which will have all your friends asking where you bought it.

With the top being quite covered in the front, the open back adds a sexy flair and unexpected twist to the crop top. This can definitely be done to a short sleeve or sleeveless top as well. Its the perfect tutorial for a quick thrift flip! With minimal sewing, this DIY packs an impact with little effort!

TIME | 30 mins – 1 hour

COST | $


Video Tutorial:

What you’ll need:

  • Long sleeve top (preferably with some sort of stretch quality)
  • Shoe laces or ribbon (something to create the tie)
  • Sewing machine (but can be done by hand)
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
Flat drawing


  1. Modify the top to fit tightly to your body. For mine, I took in the sleeves and sides of the top.
  2. Crop the top to a desired length, leaving an extra half inch of seam allowance for the hem.
  3. Measuring 3″ from the top of the back of the shirt; measuring two inches below the armpit seams, connect all of these three points into an arch.
  4. Cut out the arch and back bottom section of the top, leaving a half inch seam allowance to make the casing for the strap.
  5. Add in release cuts for the seam allowance at the corners of the arch.
  6. Hem the bottom of your top with a zigzag stitch.
  7. Pin and sew the arch with a straight stitch to create the casing for the strap. Making sure it is wide enough to accommodate the strap of choice.
  8. Taking two shoe lace, cut off one of the ends on each and sew together to create one mega long strap. Mine measures approximately 70″.
  9. Taking a safety pin, thread the strap into the arch. Maneuver the strap until it is even on both ends on opposite sides of the top.
  10. Tack the strap into place at the top most point of the arch in the back.
Images by Luan and JP

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