DIY CORSET | Dior dustbag to a corset top

Corsets have been super trendy this past year and I don’t see them going away with the obsession with Bridgeton. To try out the corset trend, I decided to try my hand at a more luxurious approach to creating a corset. I’ve always loved designer items but I’m not in the market to be spending the money to own brand label names in my closet. I thought this would be the perfect tutorial to upcycle designer dust bags into a top to satisfy that designer itch. I went on Poshmark and secured some dust bags and was ready to start making my new designer corset top!

I believe that my set of Dior dust bags were for a pair of shoes (who knew designer shoes came with dust bags!). The dimensions of the dust bag were 13in x 14in. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t have enough material to create the corset. But since it came with two, I knew I could use the second one if needed. Thankfully, I didn’t need to destroy the second one and can make another corset for a friend or maybe for my shop (*coming soon). The dimensions of the dust bag are of the utmost importance when searching online. It is recommended to get a dust bag that is close to your torso width for the best fit. Since my waist is approximately 25″, a 13″ wide dust bag would be sufficient in covering my chest.

I decided to rework the pattern by thenavarose in her corset tutorial which is amazing and you should definitely check it out! I have also included my own version of the pattern in this blog post. The pattern is by no means perfect but it is what worked out with my Dior dust bag.

TIME | 3 hours

COST | $$

DIFFICULTY | Easy-Medium

Mirror selfie pic with Dior corset top
Dior dust bags

Video Tutorial:

What you’ll need:

  • Designer dust bag
  • lining fabric
  • zip ties or boning
  • bias tape or boning channels/casing
  • strap turner (optional)
  • metal rings (for the straps, optional)
  • waxed shoelaces (for the straps, but can be interchanged with something else)
  • grommets + appropriate installation tools


You can download a copy of the pattern below. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to scale patterns. This pattern is only in one size, but I think adjustments through the middle of the front, an extension of the sides and the back section should help in sizing it up.


  1. Take apart the dust bag with a seam ripper, reserve the ribbon or ties for later;
  2. Cut the pieces for the corset top out of the dust bag and lining material;
  3. Sew the side seams of the outer pieces with good sides facing and repeat the same thing to the lining pieces;
  4. On the back-side of the outer dust bag pieces, mark the locations of the boning channels
  5. Take the bias tape and cut to appropriate lengths and sew it down with the open edge facing the outer layer on both outer edges to create a channel;
  6. Trim any excess bias tape off;
  7. Sew along the top edge of the corset top attaching together the outer and lining pieces. Be sure to not sew over the strap ends of the front panel piece. If you know where you would like to attach the back straps, you can do it during this step or later on by ripping out a few stitches in the top seam;
  8. Optional step: Under-stitch the lining where you can to prevent it rolling out when wearing the corset top;
  9. Trim and insert your zip ties or boning. Be sure to round out the ends to prevent it from catching and snagging your fabric;
  10. Measure and trim your zip ties or boning 0.5″ from the bottom of the corset top;
  11. Reinsert the boning structure and close up the bottom of the top with good sides facing;
  12. Flip the whole thing inside out;
  13. Optional step: under-stitch the lining on the bottom hem;
  14. Double fold the raw edges and sew with a straight stitch for the front straps (or attach in straps or choice);
  15. Fold in the back edge, first at 1/4″ then at half an inch or more, and sew a rectangle around the folded section to reinforce (reference pattern);
  16. Install grommets, be careful to create the holes smaller than the grommet so they don’t fall out.
  17. Lace in straps for the shoulder and you’re good to go!

If you recreate this DIY be sure to use the #DECONSTRUT and tag me so I can see it!

Up-close process photo of the original Dior dust bag and the corset pattern with zip ties for boning, sewing tutorial
Up-close process photo of the original Dior dust bag and the corset pattern
Dior corset styled in a field
Dior corset DIY up-close detail shot

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