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What a beast, and congrats to the hunter! Have you ever killed a whitetail deer while bowhunting on the ground? Jerry Bryant Buck Cross­bow use has also been the driv­ing force be­hind record buck kills by bowhunters in re­cent years. "I woke up with 200 to 300 more friends on Facebook and I woke up (Thursday morning) with 200 to 300 more friends on Instagram," Womack said. Nice bow kill by Dr Steve Unkel. In heavily hunted areas, this might mean you’ll have to get within 50-100 yards of his bed. To kill that buck, you need to get inside that range without being seen, heard, or smelled. The current P&Y world record holder is Michael Beatty’s 294 inch 39-pointer taken Nov. 8, 2000, in Greene County, Ohio. When hunting from the ground, every move you make counts. After all, it’s November and eventually someone who is angry or horny (or both) will see your faux deer and come in to investigate. Justin Bair with a 200″ buck out of Ohio! Just take your fake, plant it 20 yards into a field where visibility is good, and wait. How to Bow-Kill a Buck at Ground Zero Are you ready for an eye-to-eye encounter? Tony J. Peterson Nov 5, 2019 Decoying whitetails into bow range might seem simple enough on the surface. For perspective, the Wisconsin record bow kill of 116,010 was achieved in 2007 when Earn-A-Buck regulations were in place. His buck could have 39 scorable points and is rumored to have green-scored 311 inches. Justin pasted this buck up two years ago when its sheds scored 165″ and last year when he scored 185″! Word on the street is it was taken near El Dorado, Kansas…. Tony J. Peterson Oct 21, 2020 There’s a curious thing that happens when hunters romanticize big woods bucks and dream about entering thousands of acres of timber to shoot a dark-antlered bruiser. Taken 10-16, Fair chase! July is the month that tests our patience as hunters. Brewster’s buck also should surpass the Illinois state record killed by Jerry Bryant. Womack's compound bow kill of a trophy whitetail in Pawnee County was the talk of the deer hunting world this past week. If I tag you, I get your house, your truck, and your bow. An Iowa Giant! My mission to kill a doe was obviously over.” The buck never sensed Schimmel’s presence. Brewster’s buck also should surpass the Illinois state record killed by Jerry Bryant. another fair chaise monster out of Ohio! He confirmed it was taken with a compound bow. Buck With Bow. Changed the way I hunt in 2012. 25 points, Not a lot of love for Indiana but they do have some giants! It’s a tease and a very real struggle to make it to deer season without losing your cool! There are a couple trails around, I made a couple small mineral sites and are being hit. What makes this buck different is that it has been green scored and it is ahead of the current record by a crazy 17 inches and if that green score holds it will be the new archery world record along with the Illinois State record. Only 1. Illinois Conservation Police Officer Dan Greuel checked the deer on Nov. 3. Follow: Next story Todd Cameron Stops By The WQBE Night Show; Previous story COOKIES & … A check of the state big game records reveal that the largest typical bow-killed buck was taken by Shannon Presley in 1981, a buck that measured 175 inches. Share. In my experience (illinois) those 5-6 year old bucks are the hardest to kill. Everyone goes through droughts where they don't kill a good buck at some point. The closer you get to a buck’s bedding area, the more likely it is that you’ll catch him moving during legal hours. Miller’s buck, … Michigan Bowhunter Kills 227-inch Monster Whitetail Buck. Finding them is the hard part. I told him weird things happen in bowhunting; the buck likely heard the bow go off, ducked, and whirled his neck and head into the path of Scott’s arrow. “He was chasing and bumping them around, and he gave me a 30-yard shot,” Schimmel said. "People just wanting to see the deer." You can't kill a big buck while you’re sitting on the couch, but it can also be said that overhunting a spot, or hunting it at the wrong time, can also have bad results. He shot the 37-pointer Nov. 15, 2001, in Fulton County with a crossbow. 4 hrs. We will share more details as they become available. So there’s no need for me to overhunt any one area. Copyright © 2020 TheHuntingNews.com It came in grunting and wheezing before harassing the does. MONSTER VELVET BUCK SEPTEMBER 2020. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Virginian Luke Brewster arrowed a freak non-typical buck on Nov. 2 in Edgar County. BuckWithBow, a great blog that focuses on helping you discover a couple of tricks, tips and essential skills that will make you a successful bow hunter. here is a list of the biggest bucks we have seen killed in the first half of October, and what we know about them. It took some convincing, but after taking a few days off, he picked up his bow and was at it again. Al Woody’s Best Buck with Jr 2020 Winners $1000 Spring Hill Rod & Gun Gift Certificate Adult Winner: James Graley Bow Kill in Hernshaw, WV Hometown: Ashford, WV. How to Kill a Whitetail Buck in CRP. I messaged h I messaged h Nov.12 Buck bow kill - Ontario Trophy Bucks forum The latest is this monster killed in Illinois. Congratulations on the buck of a lifetime, Luke. How to Kill a Buck Using a Decoy. I likely won’t have much luck trying to tag you at your favorite restaurant, local park, or place of employment. With the cold biting wind and snow setting in, the buck restricts his movements back into his core area…and yes he still has breeding on his mind when the chance is given to him. Move at the wrong time, and all your hard work could instantly crumble. To combat this, I spread myself thin, I hunt many public properties, a few private, and I apply for special hunts. “He came quartering to me with his head down, and whe… All Rights Reserved. $500 Spring Hill Rod & Gun Gift Certificate Youth Winner: Easton Toney Bow Kill in Lincoln County, WV Hometown: Chapmanville, WV . The Lytton buck is an all-time bow-kill record for Virginia, topping the previous mark that John Gilliam set with a 17-point Rockbridge County deer … Gary Cobb # cobbsblackmouthcurs # cobbsblackmouthcurkennels # trackers # itsintheblood # cobbuniversity # scout. Was sitting until 8:45 when i had got a text from a buddy of mine he shot a buck and wanted a hand tracking it. Carolyn Jones Cobb. On October 24, 2017, the huge buck finally showed himself during shooting hours – but this was only the beginning of the story. Archer Corey Memering spent nearly a year scouting, tracking, and earning permission to hunt private land for a chance at one of the largest whitetails ever shot in the state. I re-evaluated how I hunted ,changed up my tactics, did a lot of reading and paying attention to things I hadn't paid attention to before. This is a … Almost three weeks to the day, Scott was back in the stand where he beaned the buck. You just recently checked trail cameras, and velvet is filling your screen! With deer season in full swing big bucks are starting to drop. I went through a period where I only killed 1 good buck in a 8 year period. There is the logging road that passes on the west side of the stand. The current P&Y world record holder is Michael Beatty’s 294 inch 39-pointer taken Nov. 8, 2000, in Greene County, Ohio. That's what happens when you kill a state record buck on Tuesday evening. If you are anything like us, and we know you are, you might be chomping at the bit for deer season to arrive. They had it on game camera from before and some of the neighbors had found sheds.” So this buck it 100% legit. Choosing where to hunt is important too. His buck measured 304 3/8 inches. His buck measured 304 3/8 inches. What they find, particularly if they come from an area with plenty of open space or deciduous forests, is that the big timber reality kind of sucks. Justin Bair with a 200″ buck out of Ohio! Phillip Pless and his son Liam pose with a rack harvested from a 210-pound buck that Pless shot with a bow on Nov. 8. I finally had a chance to hunt a stand we hung before the season that is next to the little waterhole. G and his best girl are closing in on 100 tracks this season!! Ron was on the phone with his wife, Elizabeth, when he spotted the big buck coming in from 50 yards away. So it could challenge for the world record recognized by the Pope and Young Club. another fair chaise monster out of Ohio! You might not leave your home too often, and if you do, it will probably be with minimal travel and under the cover of darkness. Acier vanadium chrome noir Manche 8 cm G10 vert avec médaillon BUCK Livré avec étui nylon 13 PIÈCES : - lame et ciseaux avec cran intérieur - 8 tournevis Torx (6/8/9/10/15/20/25/30) - tournevis Phillips - tournevis plat - clé (3 trous pour tournevis Hex, trou triangulaire) EN STOCK Scout put it on this big buck for Doc last night!! Ryan with an ABSOLUTE MONSTER from Greene County, OH! (Photo courtesy of Whitetail Adrenaline) By Darron McDougal. Copyright © 2020 TheHuntingNews.com Zach Ferenbaugh hunts the “timber nest”, the public land crew’s new hot spot. The cold and hunting pressure have pushed his pre-rut home range expansion back into his small and safe core area. Check out this FREAK!! Possible World Record 51 point Buck Killed in Illinois. The lack of summer and early-fall pictures convinced Schmit that he didn’t know where Mr. Big’s core area was, and if he wanted to kill this buck, he needed to find it. Caleb Byers shoots the biggest buck of his life, a 215″ bow kill Iowa bruiser he calls “Lockdown”. This makes him easy to pattern but hard to get close to, especially while bow hunting. Every year there are rumors of record book bucks being killed. 159 likes. I was sick and determined to change that. Of course, no one thinks a miss is lucky when it happens, but Ron’s luck became obvious later when the mature bucks started getting restless. 25 points. Bowhunters that … Not a lot of love for Indiana but they do have some giants! I do not understand why the statement of " 1 antlered deer before the November portion of rifle season" unless it is just a typo and leftover from when you could take 2 … I've learned that with good scouting and cautious hunting that those same bucks at age 7+ tend to develop small core/home areas and if you can narrow down where they are, they can be killed. Justin pasted this buck up two years ago when its sheds scored 165″ and last year when he scored 185″! I am so incredibly proud of these two and all our kennels! All Rights Reserved. For the 2020 sea­son, bowhunters reg­is­tered 63,401 bucks (36,766 with cross­bows and 26,635 with ver­ti­cal bows) through late De­cem­ber, top­ping the pre­vi­ous high of 54,380 in 2019. BIG BUCK ALERT! He put his head down to browse, and I used my feet on the platform to extend away from the tree and draw my bow. On October 16, 2020, 25-year-old Ashley Rivet landed her first ever bow kill in Fordoche, LA (Area 2). The buck finally started to loosen up his body language. He shot the 37-pointer Nov. 15, 2001, in Fulton County with a crossbow. Having to wait so long for a giant buck to get within shooting range can tatter a hunter’s nerves. He found “no indication that it was a fenced deer” and added, “I saw nothing suspicious. Like the saying goes, records were made to be broken. Early reports indicate this monster whitetail was shot near Yankton, South Dakota. While we can not verify all the details, we have done our best to make sure they are free-range bucks killed in the begging of October 2019. The Beatty Buck. Randy Voorhees 179 6/8 How to Kill an Opening Day Buck | Bow Hunting Deer. Randy Voorhees 179 6/8. You, of course, will be wary of my presence. You can kill an antlered buck, 1, anytime during archery season, before or after the regular firearm season.

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