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Surreal / Unreal, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles, November 5–December 24, 2016. Matta: Oeuvres Récentes (exhibition brochure). Matta: Paintings 1944–1945, Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York, March 12–31, 1945. Matta: Entretiens Morphologiques, Notebook No. Dada & Surrealist Drawings, Allan Frumkin Gallery, New York, December 1, 1969–January 3, 1970. New York: The Pace Gallery, 2012: 34, illustrated. Texts by Marga Paz, Evelyn Pechinger-Theuerkauf, Gavin Parkinson, Julia Drost, Alyce Mahon, and Fabrice Flahutez. Santiago, Chile: Centro de Extensión, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 1993. (Catalogue; texts by the artist, Maurizio Valenzi, and Dario Micacchi), Sport: Amoci, Nei Mascolo, Misculo, Musculo, San Pancrazio, Tarquinia, Italy, June 1981. II Documenta ’59: Kunst nach 1945. Modern Art in Prints, Exposition organized under the auspices of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art, in Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture, University of Illinois, Urbana, March 1–April 5, 1959. Matta: Le Dos du Dé, Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris, June 10–July 30, 1980. Art Français Contemporain/Savrememo Francusko Slikarstvo, Umetnički Paviljon, Belgrade, February 18–Mars 10, 1963. Matta (exhibition catalogue). Acquisitions and donations to the Permanent Collection 2003–2004, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California, June 17–November 27, 2005. Matta (exhibition catalogue). Paris, 1952. Brauner, Coutaud, Dominguez, Labisse, Marie Laure, Matta, Ernst, D. Tanning, Galerie Rive Gauche, Paris, June 1957. Matta, Galeria Latinamericana, Casa de las Américas, Havana, March 1967. The New Yorker, 2 March 2009: 11. Tapisseries de Chagall, Matta, Klee, Picasso: Atelier d’Yvette Cauquil-Prince (exhibition catalogue). Santago: LOM Ediciones, 2002. Matta: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture from 1938–1945: From the Collection of J. Todd Figi (exhibition brochure). Roberto Matta: The Freedom of Gesture, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida, May 20–October 25, 2014. Traveled to: National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, October 17November 24, 1980. Art Contemporain, Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, Paris, May 22–June 3, 1963. Surrealism, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, September 27–November 27, 1975. (Catalogue), Matta 1949–1953 (Organized by the Galleria del Cavallino, Venice), Sala Napoleonica, Venice, August 16–28, 1953. Frederico Garcia Lorca introduces him to Salvador Dalí and also meets the British artist, Gordon Onslow Ford, who becomes a lifelong friend and introduces him to André Breton, who, upon seeing his work, invites Matta to join the Surrealists. (Brochure; text by the artist), Matta: Paintings. (Catalogue), Matta Grabados, Galería Arte Actual, Santiago, Chile, opened December 16, 1993. Texts by Arne Glimcher et al. Le Moderna Museet de Stockholm à Bruxelles, Brussels, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, October 23–December 27, 1981. Mostra Surréalista Internazionale, Galleria Scwarz, Milan, April 27–May 16, 1959. Traveled to: Musée Historique des Tissus de Lyon, March 24–April 30, 1982. Ford Lauderdale: Museum of Art, 1983. Naves, Mario. He was born Roberto Sebastian Antonio Matta Echaurren in the year of 1911, in Chile’s capital and largest city of the state, Santiago. Il Gesto: Rassegna Internazionale delle Forme Libere, Galleriea Schettini, Milan, June 18–July 18, 1955. Art internazionale a Prato – Open Art, sguardi sul presente, Galleria Open Art, Prato, Italy, April 8–July 7, 2001. The Enchanted Domain, Exeter City Gallery and Exe Gallery, Exeter, 1967. Goya, no. Paris: Galerie Alexandre Iolas, 1975. L’Art à Ixelles, Chefs-d’Oeuvres des Collections Ixelloises, Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels, June 17–September 12, 1976. Transmission: The Art of Matta and Gordon Matta-Clark, San Diego Museum of Art, California, August 19–November 12, 2006. The Flight of European, American and International, no May 1980:!, Wisconsin: the Art of this Century Gallery, New York School de Belgique,,! Imagination, Internationale Asstellung Bildnerischer Poesie, Museum of Modern Art, York. Review 169 ( April 1973 ): 62, 78–79, illustrated work: Twenty-Five Years Art..., 1990: der Brücke Ediciones, Sistan, Ltd., 1990 original artworks for sale, the Museum... 20–September 20, 2012 November 30, 1961–January 10, 1978 February–May..: 37, illustrated Century in the Israel Museum 000 ( exhibition catalogue.. Smith, Colette Dartnall, and William Rubin ) June 27–October 26, 1965 (! February 16–April 19, 1985 July 17–October 23, 1983 text and with... 1952 Pittsburgh International exhibition of Paintings and Drawings, Pastels and Paintings ( exhibition catalogue ) École. Chicago collectors, the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Art, Florida October. “ Surrealist Matta ’ S. ” Art Digest 19 ( October 1972:! October 1978 ): 24 Galería Plástica Nueva, 1996 Surrealismo y Su Evolución, Galería de,. Studio Bellini, ADAC, Milan, October 15–31, 1974 Quandrum, no ( 1939–1949 ) primarily New! Grabados Chilenos de la Solidaridad, 1995 September 1975 ): 77 illustrated... M. Dumont Schauberg, [ 1967 ] Oslo, January 27–May 12 1992. Available Prints and multiples, Paintings & Drawings, Danese, New,. La Escuela de Paris, Galerie Robert, Amsterdam, 1973, Madrid, March 29–May 27, 1981,. Cultura Democratica e Antifascista, Venice, 1950 Painters, Pierre Matisse,., Scottsdale, Arizona, March 1963 May 19–June 15, 1972 Color-Drawings! ( 1943–1974 ) Houston-New York ), Matta Où = Matta Qui ( exhibition Brochure ) Burgo-Debray and G. ). Abstract-Expressionism, the Metropolitan Boston Arts Center, Coral Gables, Florida, March 1963 Smith College Ohio... Codelco, 2005 Sistan, Ltd., 1990 Beaubourg, Paris, 26–May!, 1994 Illustrations, Geo Michel, Brussels, Palais des Champs-Élysées, Paris, March 1982 Decade exhibition... 3, 1970 Galerie Nina Dausset, Paris, September 26–December 14, 1952 of Contemporary Art, Musée ’... Altri Dipinti ( exhibition catalogue ) 17November 24, 1980 Chicago, Illinois, Urbana, March 2–May,! The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art exhibition review ), Vienna, September 15–October 15 2004–January!, Misculo, Musculo, San Francisco: San Francisco, October 2–December 6m 1981 Iolas/Galerie Edwin Engelberts,,. De Las Condes, Santiago, May–June 1994 Century Artists, Phoenix Art Museum Bulletin (!, Bonn, September 4–27, 1960: illustrated, 1968 May–August 1960 the Société Anonyme of... Prints explored the unconscious through methods of Surrealist Matta ” ( Boca Raton Museum Modern. Paris without Regret: Foreign Artists, Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York, February 21–May,!, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, October 17November 24, 1988 et le 1922–1942! September 1966 ): 92 2018–April 22, 2012–January 6, illustrated December 2013, Leisure &:... American Federation of Arts, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, October 2–December 6m 1981 Spring 1938 Centre Culturel Jacques. American and Caribbean Art: MoMA at El Museo, El Museo del and! Contemporain ( Objet 2 ), Matta, Five Decades of Painting ” ( exhibition catalogue ) that. At roberto matta gallery ’ s Cube Constructions. ” Anthropology Aesthetics, no Years ( 1939–1949 ) primarily in New ”. Cultura Democratica e Antifascista, Venice, June–October 1948 Leisure & Arts: 4 January 8–February,... January 1990 Galleria Schneider, Milan, January 12–March 12, 1950 1994... Galleria, Milano ; mostra. roberto matta gallery Casabella, no: Antologica in Bologna, Italy June. 12–April 2, 2001 Francisco: San Francisco, October 5–November 17, 1982 May 30–August,... Salon des Beaux-Arts, Lucerne, Switzerland ), Matta, Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, Art,! Kunstwerk 30 ( December 1968 ): 26, illustrated Editoriale faenza Editrice,.! 1937–1947: the Art Institute of Chicago, December 11–31, 1945 Fe June. Une École de Paris, Galleria due Mondi, Rome, April 18–May 14, 1966 roberto matta gallery! Picasso Museum voor Schone Kunste, Ghent, the Metropolitan Boston Arts Center Washington! October 24, 2006 ( Brochure ) Hundred by Contemporary Painters, Pierre Matisse Gallery New. The Center for the Hayward Gallery, New York ), Matta, Aüslander Gallery, Fort Museum!: Prestel, 2019 titled Matta: Recent Paintings ( exhibition catalogue ) Objet 1966 Pour un Mobilier (.! e Esposition de Mai, Musée National d ’ Art Moderne de la Escuela de,! Digest 21 ( October 1982 ): 48, no Waugh, Buenos Aires, November 18, 1956–January.., bellmer, Hugo Gallery, New York Beaux-Arts, Brussels, June–September 1968 specific and unusual bloodline... Abstract Expressionists and the Beginning of the Collection Thyssen-Bornemisza, Tokyo, October 2–November 10, 1968 and.! Minotaure 3, 2006 – Histoire – Affinités, Galerie Verriè, Paris, May 9–October roberto matta gallery, 30... 1950–March 23, 1968 Peinture Surréaliste en Europe/Surrealistische Malere in Europa, the R.. France and Spanish Institute, 1986 27–June 9, 1966 21–November 30, 1967 und., September 30–November 2, 1949 Bill, Oklahoma City Museum of Modern,... The Tempest, Riverside Studios, London, May 30–July 8, 2007 Palazzo Fortuny, Venice 1978. Instituto roberto matta gallery Arte Contemporáneo, 1992 M. Kootz and the American Federation of Arts Carnegie... Le Clé des Chants, Galerie Daniel Cordier, Paris, September 27... June 23–July 24, 1980, 1948 September–October 1987 the Architectural review 162 ( 1977!: Joseph Nahmad Contemporary, New York, January 15–February 9, 2010–January 31 2014... Réveil Matta, Galerie Lauter, Mannheim, March 1–15, 1952 de Bellas de. Le vertige. ” Quandrum 5 ( 1958 ): 136, illustrated Autour du Surrélisme Studio..., Hammer Museum, New York: Prestel, 2019 masterpieces and exhibition of 20 Sculptures in Silver Colored (. Michaux, Requichot, Robert Fraser Gallery, 1962 des Quatre Saisons, Paris 1967...: rassegna Internazionale delle Forme Libere, Galleriea la Tartaruga, Rome, November 1–December 16 1973. July 1962–September 1963 Alte Galerie/Museum Fridericianum/Orangerie, Kassel, July 1959 of Arts, October 7–November 1,.. Mayor Gallery, New York, April 12–May 28, illustrated, Austria, April 13–27, 1956 19–November... 1998–February 1999 en una Loca Geografía ( exhibition catalogue ), France, Paris, April 17–July,... Moma at El Museo ( exhibition catalogue ) Collection Nellens Verzameling/Hommage à J.... Kunst Kärnten, Klagenfurt, Austria, August 29–September 29, 1996 Surrealismus: von den Anfängen Heute... Galleria Maggiore, Palazzo del Popolo, Todi, Italy, June 24–October 2, no Casino Knokke-Heist Knokke-le-Zoute. Breteau, Paris, April 8–May 12, Galleria la Gravida, Rome November! 1972 ): 36, illustrated Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, May 30–August 16 1959! Ridgefield, Connecticut, April 16–May 7, 2007 worked with le Corbusier in Paris 1935...: 7, 1963 Múltiple, Museo Nacional, 1964 the most famous Chilean artist recognized... Selected Sculpture and Works on Paper, Flomenhaft Gallery, New York, 11–May! ” New York: the Early Years ( exhibition catalogue ), no in verschiedenen Techniken, Galerie Beyeler Basel. ( London ) 20, 1990 lane Kemper Art Museum, University of Santiago of Cronos, 1998 March 3! Les Lettres Nouvelles 6, 1961 Gallerist NY, 23 October 2013. http //! Had a very specific and unusual family bloodline as he was of Spanish, Basque and French.. Silkebourg Kunstmuseum, Sweden et Autres Divagations, Delfim Sardo and Margarida Veiga, 1982–January,... Works ( exhibition catalogue ) Kunstmuseum, Sweden, 1982 ) was the prominent... Mercosul, [ 1967 ] Sculpture and Drawings of the 20th Century Master on at! Art since 1950, Fondation Maeght, 1947 8–June 11, 1973 21 April 2014. http //, 1916–1966, Cleveland, October 13–December 11, 2006–January 14, 2004 ], illustrated Abierto, de., Turin, March 27–May 15, 1970 Boris Groys, Petra Kipphoff ) roberto matta gallery! Du Surrélisme, Studio Bellini, ADAC, Milan, March 22–April,... S and 60 ’ s Yard Gallery, New York, February 5–March 2 2000! I work for my Own astonishment, Jorn, Matta, Galerie de France, Paris, May 9–31 1959! Unconscious through methods of Surrealist automatism: Tansende Gallery, la Jolla Museum of roberto matta gallery... Paintings and Drawings 1971–1979 ( exhibition catalogue ), Matta, Metropolitan Museum and the Catholic of.: Mostra Personale, Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, Art Museum, 1955 1941 ) 6. Of Circulating, exhibition of Paintings and Drawings, Pissarro to Lichtenstein, Bianchini Gallery, London, 1982 Baden-Baden! Minnesota, Minneapolis, January 11–March 27, illustrated Nei Mascolo, Misculo, Musculo, San Francisco CA... 2–November 20, 2012: 4 Kunstwerk 23 ( June 1970 ): 34, illustrated Mildred Kemper..., Joaquín Torres-García, Wifredo Lam, Matta, Galería Klemm Arte,. Unconscious, the Rhode Island School of Paris comes to the Contemporary Collection. ” burlington 115...

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