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• Orange County schools could reopen Sept. 22 for indoor learning. Orange County education leaders voted 4 to 1 Monday evening to approve recommendations for reopening schools in the fall that do not include the mandatory use of … Of the districts that responded or posted plans online — more than half — none said they would return children to school without masks or social distancing. The Orange County Department opposes reopening, the report said. "The Board's vote last night is not safe and is politicizing something that shouldn't be political. But while the group said face coverings or physical distancing were of lower priority to younger children, it recommended that students in middle and high schools be required to wear face coverings when a 6-foot distance is not able to be maintained. by Sara ... Orange County Schools brought its staff back on December 7 as … According to Student Equity Team facilitator Kelly Arnold at Orange High School, “The students have the ideas, and they are the ones doing the work… Business owners are calling for fairness in the rules. On June 8th, 2020, the California Board of Education (CBOE) State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and the Reopening Schools Task Force released a 62 page “how to” on re-opening schools safely, entitled Stronger Together.. ", "K-12 children represent the lowest-risk cohort for Covid-19. The county has … "Requiring children to wear masks during school is not only difficult -- if not impossible to implement -- but not based on science. Orange County School District Hillsborough North Carolina. 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CNN contacted or gathered information from all 28 of the county's school districts on Tuesday. The board did not, however, require the use of masks or social distancing. Orange High School Student Equity Team. The board will meet at 9 … The board emphasized its belief that schools need to reopen in the fall. The answers to many of those questions can be found on pages dedicated to each of the three learning models from which parents will choose: Face-to-Face, OCVS Virtual, and OCPS [email protected]. While some parents voiced their support to reopen schools during the board meeting, a group of parents and teachers gathered outside of the board's meeting, protesting the idea of having kids return to school without masks or social distancing. The Orange County Board of Education, along with Orange County Schools faculty and staff, and input from the community, has put forth an outline of possible choices and manipulations of the state’s three potential plans for reopening public schools in the fall. Still, the Huntington Beach Union High School District, La Habra City School District, and others specifically said they would not return children to classes under the guidelines. "Meanwhile, we are working to develop a rigorous distance learning plan that will allow students to continue their education at home. Some of the largest school districts in Orange County, California, say they will not follow their board of education's recommendation to return students and teachers to the classroom. "During these challenging times, the safety of our school community continues to be our top priority. While locally elected school boards and superintendents will approve and implement plans specific to their districts, “Orange County Together: A guide to safely reopening schools in the COVID-19 era” is an evolving web-based resource with detailed considerations for resuming in-person instruction complemented by online learning. It may even be harmful and is therefore not recommended," it said. This independent study program in Orange County has been around for 30 years, and it's serving as a popular option for parents right now looking for non-traditional ways to do distance learning. While all OC school districts can reopen for in-person instruction, some are deciding to push their start dates back. Santa Ana Unified, the county's second largest district with more than 50,000 students and employees, will follow a similar path, stating in a news release that the district will start the year "entirely via distance learning.". The Orange County Board of Education voted 4-1 to reopen school campuses but is leaving the decision up to individual school districts. Orange County was removed from the state's coronavirus watch list Sunday morning, which sets in motion the reopening of schools. education … If a district decides to not reopen or resume classes in a "typical classroom environment and school atmosphere," the board says parents should be allowed to send their children to another school district or charter school. ORLANDO, Fla. — Orange County school officials voted on Friday to submit plans for reopening to the state, but are also asking for a waiver that … Parents and educators gather to call for the immediate reopening of in-person learning in Orange County schools in Irvine, Calif., on Sept. 8, 2020. The earliest Orange County schools may open to in-person learning is Sept. 22, the Orange County Health Care Agency announced in a late night Tweet Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. The Orange County Board of Education’s recommendations this week to reopen classrooms without masks or social distancing triggered a fiery debate about how to reopen schools this fall. Some Orange County schools opened their doors Wednesday for the first time in months following the county's removal from California's COVID-19 watch list. The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) has developed a guideline for reopening schools that includes input from health experts and local school districts. The Orange County Board of Education voted 4-1 Monday evening to recommend opening schools next month without masks to protect against the spread of coronavirus but the decision is … Copyright © 2021 KABC-TV. As you realize, opening school in a traditional sense is filled with challenges; however, this year’s … Calling remote learning an "utter failure," the board said "abandoning the classroom in favor of computer-based learning proved frustrating to all -- not just parents and students but teachers, too.". Is the vaccine right for you? The county Board of Education in Orange County, Calif., on Monday voted to approve school reopening recommendations that do not require masks for students or social distancing in schools. As Orange County Reopens, Schools and Testing Remain Focus Officials say they have plans in place as UC Irvine and K-12 schools begin to get students back into the classroom. The decision to reopen schools in Orange County would affect the more than 25,000 people who are employed with the district, 14,000 teachers and more than 200,000 students. Some Orange County schools opened their doors Wednesday for the first time in months, with even more students possibly returning to classrooms following the county's removal from California's COVID-19 watch list. UPDATE, July 14: The Orange County Board of Education voted 4-1 on July 13 to recommend local school districts reopen schools without any requirements for … Age, pregnancy, allergies. (CNN)Some of the largest school districts in Orange County, California, say they will not follow their board of education's recommendation to return students and teachers to the classroom. Restaurants that serve alcohol can remain open in Los Angeles County, but wineries that serve food cannot. While we hope at some point to have our students attend our schools alongside their classmates and teachers, now is not the time," said Santa Ana Unified School District Superintendent Jerry Almendarez. (Jack Bradley/The Epoch … Some Teachers Defiant as Orange County Starts Reopening Schools. CNN's Annie Grayer contributed to this report. We understand our community has a lot of questions about the reopening of schools. The Orange County Board of Education met virtually Monday evening, voting to approve its recommendations for reopening schools in the fall. We are fortunate that we have been forward in our thinking in Orange County where remote learning and a robust learning management system are concerned. The board voted 4-1 to approve a set of guidelines, including regular temperature checks, frequent hand washing and thorough cleanings of classrooms, offices and buses. Other districts in the county that serve grades K-12, including the Capistrano and Tustin Unified School Districts, say they will offer families the option of a hybrid schedule or 100% online learning. Gavin Newsom (D) on Friday announced that some schools in the state will remain online-only in the fall rather than reopening to in-person classes. Orange County Schools is preparing to reopen schools through a hybrid, Plan B approach in January.. Rebecca Crawford, finance and administrative operations director for the Orange County … Lucerne Valley Elementary School is offering a hybrid model and limiting class size when it welcomes back students next week. Orange County school board votes to allow reopening of schools, Vaccination rate will take 3 years to reach herd immunity, Gupta describes his parents 'camping out' 9 hours for vaccine, California doctor explains LA County ambulance guidance, CNN reporter presses Gov. The board noted that these recommendations were merely guidelines, not "laws" or "even rules." ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orange County School Board has delayed a vote on reopening campuses for this upcoming school year. The Orange County Board of Education (OCBE) voted 4-1 on Monday evening to allow schools to reopen next month, although the decision to open remains with the local districts and schools. Boris Johnson says the pandemic will be much better by Easter, 2020 is over but official warns 'we will still have our darkest days', Dr. Fauci says US won't delay second dose of vaccine, Some elderly sit and wait for hours to get Covid-19 vaccination, Hear from health secretary after UK approved Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, Staff at nursing home of coronavirus outbreak receive vaccine, Dr. Fauci explains why his herd immunity estimate has shifted, 6 states facing record coronavirus hospitalizations. “I cannot guarantee 100 percent safety,” Jenkins said. In fact, it advised against the measures. Because of that fact, social distancing of children and reduced census classrooms is not necessary and therefore not recommended," read. And a smaller district in Anaheim, the Magnolia School District, slammed the board for "politicizing" the safety of schools, and said it was leaning toward 100% online instruction in the fall. Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins said the district is doing everything it can to get ready for the reopening. the recommendations, contained in a white paper. The Los Angeles Times reported that the school board pointed to a white paper with … All Rights Reserved. The Anaheim Unified School District, which serves approximately 30,000 students, told CNN it will recommend to its board of trustees re-opening schools with a full distance-learning model to start the 2020-2021 school year.

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