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I recommend a semi-auto 22 with a nice long banana clip. No rifles larger than .22 for hunting. It still does today. Don't go spend a grand on a fancy shotgun. For Marbut to successfully hunt elk that weigh at least 500 pounds , the larger bullet is a must. Get a 12 gauge shotgun and you can hunt damn near anything. Press J to jump to the feed. Also, my last line of advice is this. You'd need a bolt/lever/single shot rifle. Would it be worth it to save up for a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870 and hunt with a shotgun? If you're a good enough shot you can eat squirrel dumplings. All content is © 2006-2015 Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association. It would definitely be extremely irresponsible to hunt deer with it. Information on purchasing licenses, permits, tags and other entitlements, can be found on CDFW’s Online License Site. Use of our website(s) implies understanding of our content disclaimer and privacy policy. Hunting related news and personal stories. Bullet Choices for the .22-250 Remington I heard the shots that morning, and I know about where it was when it was shot. I might want to swap out some #4 shotshells for .410 slugs or more .45 colt shells, for things like beaver, raccoons, etc. Phase two of the no-lead ammunition implementation states: nonlead shot will be required when using a shotgun to take resident small game mammals, furbearing mammals, nongame mammals, nongame birds, and any wildlife for depredation purposes. … Most states offer them for free or a very small fee, and they might even be required. At that price you may be able to swing a pump and a 10/22. A bit of experimentation can go a long way when it comes to finding the very best ammunition for your gun. Good luck with the rifle and hunt. You can "hunt" gophers (ground squirrels), but it's really more of a slaughter. Shop for Low Price Rws 22 Pellet Model 54 Combo Rifle And What Can You Hunt With A 22 Air Rifle .Compare Price and Options of Rws 22 Pellet Model 54 Combo Rifle And What Can You Hunt With A 22 Air Rifle from variety stores in usa. It will also require patience and solid marksmanship but it is very doable. Here in Minnesota you cannot shoot deer with less than a .223. Varmint bullets typically used in most 22-250 rounds will kill deer but they are not well suited to do so. Since a 22 is … You're not even allowed to hunt any of those with a rifle in most states. Any recommendations for a good double barrel shotgun? as many have suggested a 12 gauge will do it all... word of warning. Can I hunt deer with a .22-caliber rimfire rifle? The only bird hunting I've ever seen done with a .22 is for spruce grouse or perhaps ptarmigan--birds that sit tight and make for a still target. I think it is safe to say that if you can do that in the special regs then you can do it anywhere else in the state also. Yes you can hunt with it. On a recent hunt in northern Alaska, I asked a local Inuit what cartridge he preferred for caribou. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I definitely advocate hunter's safety, especially for the guy expecting to bird hunt with a .22. Second, if you do hit your target, you run a high risk of wounding, not killing the bird. And with enough skills when it comes to aiming, you can easily take down larger ground game animals as well including wild boar, deer, venison, … The fact that it was able to shatter the ribs on entry is enough to convince me that if it were the shoulder, it would still give the same performance. Squirrel, rabbit, quail... of course you have to get any of these to stand still long enough to shoot. In this hunt, the shell did not come into contact with the deer’s shoulder. My children and grandchildren started their shooting adventures with a.22 LR, and the.22 WMR was the next step toward the centerfire. Reason is .22lr has a practical range of about 75yds, so you're not going to be doing any crazy long shots anyways. Quail, different story. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My advice is to ask fellow club members or airgunning friends to let you try a variety of their pellets so you can find the best match — even if you have to buy them a pint, it is a lot cheaper than forking out for half-a-dozen or put a slug in it and kill a deer or turkey. State laws and regulations prohibit the hunting of deer with .22 rimfire rifles or smaller on all WMAs. In the end, its up to you and what you want to hunt. There are over a dozen different.22 Magnum loads offering a wide range of terminal performance. There is no .22 round for that gun that is legal. For the most variety at the smallest cost, a pump shotgun in 12ga will fit the bill. A lot of people around here shoot pheasants and grouse with them. I have been out there with 2 professional dogs per person, and all really nice guns, and come back after 3 days and 20 miles of hiking empty handed. Speaking of killing coyotes, for many years I have heard some bad advice given out about a round that can supposedly take them down and that is the .22 Magnum. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. and when you say short range, a slug with rigled barrel will reach 100 yards. One decent sized partidge and a bit of potato and carrot can make a nice meal for two or three people. Here’s what you need to know to get started with pellet gun hunting: Types of Pellet Guns For Hunting. Partridge, pretty much. It's fine for coyotes and raccoons and stuff too but not many people hunt those. Game wardens have long targeted poachers who use quiet.22 rifles to surreptitiously and illegally take deer. They even hold a "Bunny Bash" every year. Not only is it illegal in almost every circumstance to hunt waterfowl with anything other than steel shot, it is about as hard as hunting quail. Apart from basic bone-head safety, they'll generally give you a run down of basic technique as well as an introduction to the laws and regulations of the area you live in. That bird made it half a mile before reaching the place where it eventually died. A .22lr to the head wastes no meat, even a small shotgun will usually throw a few pellets into the breast(s). You can hunt deer with slugs, turkey, crows, ducks, rabbits, and squirrels with various shot loads. I bought a used Mossberg 500 pump for $175 without even trying to look for a deal. They still enjoy shooting the little magnum. Just between you and me, a slug will do way too much damage. It will kill it all right but at the price of major meat damage. I only hunt quail, and I will tell you, unless you have a dog and a decent shotgun, it is impossible. CDFW is temporarily closing its high public use areas, including visitor centers and license counters, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).Before heading to a CDFW facility, contact the regional headquarters office to determine if that facility is open. Here in Idaho, the Ruger 22 semi-auto is the preferred weapon for spotlighting jack rabbits. First, you run a high risk of missing your target and hitting something far off in the background. To take foxes and feral cats at night, you might need a thermal scope and a .22 rimfire or .22 Magnum rimfire. What you can hunt depends on the type of gun you select, the ammo you load it with, and the regulations in your county or state. Many of them only allow air rifles to be used and the largest caliber I saw listed for those was .30. .22 Magnum. It is unlawful to hunt with a muzzleloading shotgun loaded with slugs or sabot slugs. Then, if you get serious and decide that you want to partake in the hunt for the extremely elusive quail, get involved with a group of friends and get a dog. The farmers like 'em dead though. Rabbit, too. It's fine for coyotes and raccoons and stuff too but not many people hunt those. Come hunting season a .22 caliber rifle served me well for rabbit, squirrel, and other small game. What kind of game can I ethically hunt with these guns? I prefer shotguns, because you can go hunt birds all day long, and at the end of the day you can go put a slug in it and kill a deer or turkey. It highlights the fact that you can use .22 and .17 rimfire firearms that are not semi autos to hunt the above game. Yes, get a shotgun if you're going to be bird hunting. Forget the variable magnification optics and just gat a very good quality 4x. Arizona. It would definitely be extremely irresponsible to hunt deer with it. Quail hunting is a dying sport, and with a .22, I would guess that almost no one has ever killed one. i know the mossbergs have interchangeable barrels and are well worth the money. What the 10/22 offers that so many rifles in its class do not is the ability to easily customize it to fit your specific needs and shooting style. Turkeys are clever bastards and you'll want something with a little more kick than a .22 - you'll want that 12 gauge with a full choke to take their heads off. I had a 3-7x variable on my marlin 60 and got rid of it for a 4x with better glass since I kept it at 3-4x most of the time. I've only seen it on tv. But then, I've never done that myself. This allows hunters to perfectly match their ammunition to the game being hunted. With the proper ammo choice, shot distance, shot placement and firearm, it is possible to kill a hog with a 22 LR round. Save up for the Mossberg or Remington and get a full choke if you want to hunt turkey. If you can afford it, get a .22 and a shotgun. There's no real use for the "hide" and I sure as shit would not eat one. The average power of the shot can be less than a standard hunting shotgun. This is why most of the states that do allow you to hunt turkey with a rifle, only allow small calibers such as a .22 long rifle, .22 magnum, or a .223 at the largest. See below.Sorry but you cannot use that rifle legally. To take javelina: a. Centerfire rifles; b. Muzzleloading rifles; c. There's really no skill involved. This spring, I actually found a turkey that had been shot with a rifle in the leg. products sale.Shop for Low Price Rws 22 Pellet Model 54 Combo Rifle And What Can You Hunt With A 22 Air Rifle . For instance, in PA, you can't hunt anything at all with a semi-automatic rifle no matter the size. He has killed a few deer with it using 55gr Federal Soft Points but some of them took more than one shot. These are the same questions that every hunter should be asking, no matter what the game or caliber being used is. You'll likely want a 4x scope for such hunting as well. check out the, Welcome to the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association Forum, we hope you like what you find here and we strongly encourage you to. You could hunt bears if you were feeling lucky… Bella Twin and the World Record Grizzly > On 10 May, 1953, Bella Twin was hunting small game with her partner, Dave Auger, along an oil exploration cutline south of Slave Lake, in Alberta, Canada. While you will find people that claim to shoot deer, hogs, or coyotes with a 22, it is hardly ethical (if not straight up illegal). Good eating. You'll probably be able to tag a raccoon, but you'd want a dog to tree it first. Tell us all were you will be and what dates so I can be at least 5 miles away from you. Dead Down Wind Wind Detector : https://goo.gl/6ZcdMi In addition to being effective against small game, such as squirrels and rabbits, the.22 long rifle cartridge can also be used to take larger game with the proper shot placement. However, a .22 rimfire rifle is inadequate to harvest deer and can result in wounding or unrecovered deer. And it is great fir home defense. There seems to be be an unlimited supply of rabbits in Mudd Lake Idaho. Cookies help us deliver our Services. what game can I legally hunt with a 22 revolver, http://forum.pafoa.org/showthread.ph...light=feddog82, I am 19... Can I legally OWN a handgun or not, .50 caliber semi auto hand gun or any handgun is it legal to hunt deer or small game, If this is your first visit, be sure to A shotgun is best for all of those really, and it is against the law to take waterfowl with a rifle, and maybe turkey depending on where you live. If you can't get one deer with 6 shot opportunities, you ain't gonna get one, and better focus on the mainstay of the twenty-four .410 shells, for the everyday hunting of birds, squirrels, and such. *Hell, if you're shooting subsonics or better yet old .22 shorts you can sometimes get a couple before they freak out and fly off. A .22 is for squirrels and rabbits basically. When you hunt pests, there can only be one viewpoint, and it has to agree with the laws -- local, state and national. I will look for more game that you can pursue and I will get back to you. Spend 250-500 bucks on a double barrel. Interested to hear others thoughts on this, the farmer we hunt with switched to a .22-250 after shoulder surgery made his 25-06 a bit to heavy to hold up. However, other hunters can attest to its bone penetrating capability. if you do use slugs, MAKE SURE THE BARREL IS MADE FOR IT. A .177 or .22 caliber are less likely to kill a coyote, but if you are a good shot, it can be done. ;). A.22 is for squirrels and rabbits basically. When a quality rifle is placed in the hands of accomplished marksmen, that distance can be stretched a bit further. They just won't stay away from the tomato garden. They often do not keep a rifle (in .243-.30) that can work at 200+ yard distances, and Marlin 22wmr's aren't expensive to buy or feed. Also, same thing with waterfowl. 12 gauge is the way to go. These air rifles have a faster muzzle velocity and the possibility of the pellet going through the animal increases. Check your state laws for a few things - minimum caliber for specific game, and allowable actions. The.22 caliber is also great for hunting small ground game animals such as rabbit, hare, and squirrel. Please do not hunt birds with rifles. You can get a permit and hunt all night long. P.S. Of course, under ideal conditions — like those the cull hunters try to create or when animals are smaller-bodied — almost any round, including the .22 rimfires, can deliver a killing shot. Arizona is another state whose laws are quiet on the use of non-powder rifles or BB guns. Sometimes the answers will change by the moment also. <>< Fish Worse than being illegal (in many places), it's unethical. I was considering picking up either a Ruger 10/22 or a Marlin 795 as an entry level hunting rifle. As a MN Firearms Safety Instructor I'd fail a kid if he said that was how he was going to hunt grouse. Pellet guns come in a variety of models, and you can use any of them for hunting. If you do a lot of long range varmint hunting, or just really like high velocity cartridges, then you should look into getting something like a .22-250 Remington or a .220 Swift because the .22 Hornet probably isn’t for you. When the hunt is over, the.22 WMR is a fun gun to use for target practice or plinking. With a .22lr, you're looking Raccoons, Opossum, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Moles, Prarie Dogs, rabbits and other <15lb game. The Ruger 10/22 carbine is a favorite among shooters and small game hunters for several reasons—accuracy, weight, and reliability are key among them. A.22 Magnum will change the way you hunt squirrels and is coyote-capable out to 100 yards, with the proper bullet. It would definitely be extremely irresponsible to hunt deer with it. These will allow you to make perfect shots at about 100 meters. Unless you are just hunting turkey, a rifle isn't what you need. Here is my advice. Because this is a very popular segment of airgun hunting, there will be a separate article devoted to just this topic. Turkeys, ducks, pheasants and grouse are all shotgun only (or a bow). No .22 LR. A shotgun tends to take all of the fun out of hunting. You should take a hunter safety or hunter education class. I'm not looking to take down any deer, but I'm wondering about their effectiveness against turkey, quail, and waterfowl. You could even buy slugs for it and hunt deer at short range. The simple answer is yes, all across the USA states allow you to hunt for a variety of game with a pistol or hand gun. just my 2 bits worth. I'd love to have some words with whoever shot that bird. You could also use a shotgun such as the 12-gauge shotgun for a clean shot at a close range of up to 40 meters. Get a 12 gauge shotgun and you can hunt damn near anything. Can You Hunt With A Handgun? I have a Yildiz from Academy- its a nice over under for $400. if you try and shoot a slug out of barrel with a choke it will NOT end well. #1 If it gets up you'll probably shoot at it anyway and there's not enough time to judge the backstop distance you… And potentially illegal depending on where you live. If you are planning to kill hogs primarily with a 22 LR firearm, allow me to help you prepare for the task as best as possible. I don't know if you'd want to eat them (I sure as hell don't), but I've killed dozens upon dozens of groundhogs with my 10/22. In my state however rifle hunting is not permitted--deer hunting is shotgun slugs only, so people don't keep medium-to-heavy rifles around. Deer hunting with a rifle of a caliber larger than .22 rimfire is prohibited in the county. The “.22 Mag,” as it’s less colloquially coined, delivers external and terminal ballistics sufficient to rid the pasture, woodlot and garden of marauding varmints, pests and predators out to 150 yards. I know a lot of hunters only want to hunt deer, but small game hunting can be challenging and rewarding, and there’s no better caliber weapon than a .22 most of the time. 20 gauge, and I can put 2 slugs in it if I have too. Turkey are generally hunted with shot, not slugs. There are no caliber restrictions on private land. I bought a Russian one for 300 bucks, best bird gun I ever got. You'll have a much better understanding of this stuff after class, and of how to hunt safely and ethically with your weapon. Place your shots well and use a bullet designed for medium sized game. i havent seen anyone mention it yet but just in case. Ive seen people hunt turkey with a .22 also although it isn't as common. Well, a .22 would be more for practice although you can hunt raccoon and squirrel pretty easy, along with rabbit. Shotgun slug only.

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