Whenever someone mentioned the desert I pictured the old Midwest. Barren and desolate, with the occasional rolling tumble weeds and ghost towns. When I finally traveled to Arizona to start my roadtrip, my mental picture of the state proved to be false. There was so much more to the landscape and a lot more greenery than expected. It was the first time travelling I’ve truly felt small and tiny in the world with the views provided by Mother Nature. The scale of the rock structures and vast landscapes reminded me that although the internet has allowed us to think we live in a small world, there are still so many wonders out there waiting to be discovered! Every turn on every hike was just more jaw-dropping sweeping views of desert landscapes.

We had a 10 day trip planned out and it was quite the adventure waiting for us. We flew into Phoenix, Arizona and embarked on our road trip heading to Sedona bright and early the next morning for the first stop of our Arizona road-trip. From there we made our way to the Grand Canyon and Page, and ended off in Las Vegas. Read on to see my must sees at each location!

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So sorry to have been gone for so long, but sometimes life gets busy. I didn’t intend to ghost this platform.

Hopefully there are still some of you out there reading!


Here’s a video of my recent trip to Arizona!

It was incredible and sunny the whole entire time, I’ll be sure to follow up with some photo posts!

The world is vast and filled with wonders for us to find and explore, get outside.

Enjoy 🙂


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