Shit Bloggers Wear




Have you been on the site Shit Bloggers Wear? It’s spot on, witty and pretty at the same time. The illustrations are fabulous and though it is poking fun of the trend following phenomenon across the fashion blog-o-sphere, I can’t help but want to join in and purchase the items that every blogger out there seems to own. For example, how many times have we seen the Zara skort? Or the Rockstud heels? It’s amazing how quickly an item or clothing piece can become a must have after appearing on one blogger. I’m guilty of having tried on the Zara skort, sadly it didn’t fit and in a way I want to be part of the “Shit Bloggers Wear” club, weird, I know. I think it’s the appeal of being able to own that “one” item that makes you feel like a “fashion blogger”.
Do you or would you own any of these pieces?

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My Wardrobe Basics

…Is not this! As much as glitter and sequins are appealing, to me it doesn’t pair up with everything. Read on for my basic basics!
Basically, basics should make up the base of your closet. (See what I did there?)
Everyone always has those wow pieces but when they get home there’s that moment of “What do I wear with it?”. Personally I ask myself that question all the time and then realize I should really buy some basics but it seems like a waste to spend $25 on a plain white tee instead of spending $25 on crazy printed pants. That was before I discovered how great the plain white tee is! I now have a collection of four white tees of different cuts that go with EVERYTHING!
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You may have seen sequin sweaters floating about the internet, and I bet you that the majority of the ones you’ve favourited, pinned, saved and hoarded are probably by non other than Markus Lupfer. I am IN LOVE with his sequin sweaters, super chic and comfortable which is perfect for any lazy day. I love it when its comfortable to be in fashion, screw the whole pain for beauty or what ever the saying is, I love my no fuss comfortable clothes! Granted, I poked myself an insane number of times with the needle while making this sweater….so I guess that does fall under the pain for beauty and fashion category. Anyways, onwards with the tutorial! It’s quite time consuming, but the result is nothing if spectacular!

An original Markus Lupfer Sweater cost: $400
My DIY: $25
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